Ginger as an aid in weight loss

By TsalagiLenape Latest Reply 2012-01-01 09:25:11 -0600
Started 2011-12-19 12:44:06 -0600

Recently I have read several articles on this and thus a bit confused on it all together. So if anyone out there has any idea or success/failure with this please post. I want to lose the last 50 pounds I have around my abdominal area yet I am only fluxuating right now. Ugh! Thank you Have a great day!:) Merry Christmas!

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Young1s 2011-12-23 07:47:28 -0600 Report

I haven't heard anything but I agree with James. Try it out. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. I am curious though. How is it suggested that the ginger is used? Fresh, supplement, in a particular recipe, etc…?

Caroltoo 2011-12-23 16:44:17 -0600 Report

I found a jar of pre-chopped ginger recently and have been using it. It's like prepared garlic.

TsalagiLenape 2011-12-27 11:58:17 -0600 Report

Ok where?

Young1s 2011-12-27 13:14:47 -0600 Report

They sell it in the grocery store chain that I frequent (Stop & Shop), in the the produce aisle. So like Carol mentioned below, they may carry it in your local grocer.

Caroltoo 2011-12-27 13:06:02 -0600 Report

This one was from Whole Foods. Do you want me to go check on the name for you so you can see what stores might carry it in your area?

Caroltoo 2011-12-28 12:42:26 -0600 Report

I don't remember which store I was in, but suspect since it's organic that it must have been Whole Foods.

Caroltoo 2011-12-30 07:21:49 -0600 Report

Actually, I ran into it again yesterday and it was in a local store called Down to Earth. That's in Hawaii only, so online might be your best resource. It is tasty and easy to use.

Young1s 2011-12-23 16:55:17 -0600 Report

I use ginger root on occasion. Don't have many recipes that call for it though.

Young1s 2011-12-23 20:27:40 -0600 Report

Good to know. I use raw garlic all the time. I used to use dried but not so much anymore. I have an excellent mincer and microplane so it's just as easy to use it fresh.

jayabee52 2011-12-19 13:41:31 -0600 Report

I believe it is the same as with any food/drink/med/suppliment. One's metabolism may react in its own wayto this herb. Some folks may have a good response to it, others may have no response to it.