Do You ever STOP and EVALUATE your Diabetes Progress Like I do???

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Started 2011-12-17 13:32:46 -0600

Maybe you haven't made as much progress as you would like - or maybe, you are making terrific progress, but just feel sick and tired from all the effort. Be objective about what you have accomplished. Has your blood sugar control improved? Have you lost any weight since your diagnosis? Have you managed to be disciplined every day as far as your testing and taking your mediciations and/or insulin? You may find you've done better than you give yourself credit for. On the other hand, your inner frusteration with yourself may be a good sign. Could it be that you are actually motivated to do better?

Don't let weakness or lack of progress in one area of your routine take over your mind and cloud your judgement. Once you can isolate your problem like, forgetting to take your medications and/or insulin or not doing anything about your exercising, don't let it become a constant battle with you. Identify the problem - then work on the solution.
Think of all the ways in which your health is improving and give yourself some high marks for all the progress you've made..Some of the hardest issues in maintaining diabetes on a day to day basis is keeping myself focused, and never even thinking of taking a day off..For me, keeping a "Can-do" attitude is a must…

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