Taking part in research concerning your condition

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Have you done this before?

A while back i saw an advertising on the Diabetes Federation of Ireland. A researcher is carrying out a social research study on the day to day living with people with type one and their experiences with the health system. I thought " well its about time someone hears the vocies of thousands of people who have been living in silence in society with this condition for ages !! maybe if more research is carried out it could lead to a better health system! I really think the emotional and social aspects need to be laid out on the table!!

So tomorrow im meeting with a researcher and giving him my perspective. Im looking forward to having a good moan about my past experiences and as i said voicing my opinon! I will let yous know how i get on!

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GabbyPA 2011-12-15 14:01:43 -0600 Report

That is unique. Usually the research we are in is drug related. This is a great idea on how we live day to day.

Just yesterday, my husband went to have his interthecal (internal) pump refilled. Seems simple enough, stick a needle in, get the old medicine out, put new in. That is IF you can find the port that is a mere 1/4" wide. We all joked after a half hour of trial and error that those who build these things need to USE them or REFILL them blind. They would make that port the size of a quarter! LOL

It is always great to have people who live it, tell their stories. Give them all you have. The good, the bad and the frustrating. Share the things that work as much as the things that don't. Keep us posted.

roshy 2011-12-15 17:13:56 -0600 Report

yeah it kind of reminds me of what the hell the chap was thinking when he designed the emergancy hypo glucogen needle!!! that is supoosed to be user friendly ehhhh hello!!! do you honestly think my friends or a family member will be ever to work out how that needle works, esp in the event of an emergancy??? talk about complicating something that is of vital importance!!! but its all these social and emotional aspects that the rest of the world dont even consider!!!!! its time to step forward ! with all these modern advances and medical impovements surrounding the condition none of the emotional components are being attempted to be treated or updated!! knowledge is power dudes!! sometimes i feel like i should have a stage and a microphone!!!! hahaha!! maybe one day when i take over the world of diabetes!!!

thanks for commenting guys!