Pain, Illness, Depression: And "Lots Of Work Ahead This Week

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I am very aware of how I feel, physically, and emotionally, this week, and how much work I have to do for this weekend, feeling like this. It all looks so impossible; I have only today-early saturday morning to do all I need to do, without much help. Mostly, because my own way of doing things. I always have to re-do, or clean up after someone who tries to do it for me. I have gotten curtains and throw rugs through the wash, and also shower curtains; trying to freshen the air indoors and elliminate the smells of smoke.I do this often, it includes washing blinds, walls, curtains, shampooing carpets, and all the other cleaning, last minute shopping (with no car, because my husband hit a deer saturday after work with his motorcyle,that he would much rather take to work, now matter what the weather,so he has my car)no-one to help it as far as the store goes, and my husband gets home late, and I am going to really have to push myself to go then; when usually, I am in the wheel chair by mid day, from pain and lack of use of my back and legs.) So first thing this morning I need encouragement to shampoo carpets; so they will dry before he comes home; then also shampoo the furniture; that is my fault cause of me, we have two, very loveable pekes; a father and son; used to have eleven after last breed; we kept two. Anyway, their hair sheds bad this time of year; hence, vacuum and shampoo furniture, also. I am also putting off seeing the multiple sceloris specialist until after this party. I need to do this first, before tackling this new illness; which, obviously has affected my life about a year now, but because of my pacemaker, took that long to diagnose, so I just found out a week ago. I will put that off, and now face the task ahead.MY DAUGHTER, Her 25th birthday and Graduation party!!!!!
I so need to do something special for her, for myself, because she has took on the job of my care at the early, early age of 4, and by 7 she knew exactly what to do and how to do it; taking time away from herself and her needs, and cared for me up until I married Jim 5 years ago, next week. Now she has problems letting go of that responsibility; so therefore; she is one special daughter and she needs to feel that, from ME

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Well, I have listened to your advice; and all was good; unfortunately, I am not applying it as much as I should. I did get some outside help yesterday; but I was still going, with incredible pain, at 8:30. But, as far as the long range, cleaning and cooking and setup, all has to be done by noon (the latest) tomorrow. But, then, there is the aftermath. That can go at a slower pace, and I am sure all the people here will pitch in and help me serve, and clean up.
:->)luv, lilmarm

Avera 2008-11-05 22:55:11 -0600 Report

That is an enormous amount of work to do all by yourself. Of course, you seem to be well organized by what you write, so you will probably do a better job than I would if I had the job. Good Luck!!

caspersmama 2008-11-05 11:21:59 -0600 Report

I also have a very special daughter. Mine is 23 and lives at home mainly for me. She moved out 2 years ago but was always at my house because she worried about me so we decided she would move back home and not have those expenses. Now she helps us by paying the cable each month. Because of all the tvs and internet it is 160 a month. She helps me out with doing the laundry, dishes, some cooking. I have a maid come in 2 times a month mainly for the kitchen and bathroom but they still need to be wiped down in between those times. My husband works nights and sleeps days so Jennifer works during the day then she is with me at night. But sometimes I am alone but not for many hours. I stay pretty much in bed with laptop and puppy when alone. I do not do much in case I would fall. Just walk the puppy and cook something to eat.
So please take care of yourself and watch out not to get over tired or sugar too low. Have plenty of fluids and a snack to keep up your levels. Make sure to take breaks to rest. You will not be any good to your daughter if this worsens you. And if she is that special like mine she will understand. Spot cleaning is a great disguise. Hide things away and no one will know. When company is coming you do not want to look in my laundry room or closets. LOL

Derek - 25053
Derek - 25053 2008-11-05 14:36:34 -0600 Report

Well Dear, you just need to crack the whip over some of those heads you look over and get them noggins in motion! Sorry to hear your husband had a motorcycle accident Saturday, he hit a deer and he took your car too work Monday? The man must be made of some pretty tough stuff! I'd ask how he's feeling but if he went to work so soon after he must be ok, God Bless him! And you too, good luck!

2008-11-05 20:49:09 -0600 Report

thanks for all the good advice; I am afraid I read it too late. I did overdue; and now I can not move my body from lower back to neck, and can not turn at all. I feel an extreme amount of pain.

2008-11-05 20:50:56 -0600 Report

I am considering trying to get some outside help tomorrow; maybe just to do the sliding glass windows and the woodwork around it.