Candied Sweet potatoes

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When I was a child my mother would make Candied sweet potatoes I didn't like them. As a mother I usually made them mashed with butter and cinnamon. Now that I am a grandmother with type 2 diabetes I have quit making them because my family never ate them. this year the girls have decided that everyone will bring something to Christmas dinner. My middle daughter suggested that I bring candied sweet potatoes I told her that I wouldn't because I cannot eat them fixed that way. she said that that is the way her mother-in-law makes them and that I am being selfish only bringing something that I can eat. I feel that they can eat whatever I bring or not, I really do not want to bring two dishes of sweet potatoes one for them and one for me. What do you think am I being selfish? Should I bring two dishes theirs and mine? Lil

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MrsCDogg 2011-12-28 05:29:03 -0600 Report

Make the sweet potatoes that you can eat. I agree with you, either they can eat the ones you bring or not eat them!

Anonymous 2011-12-17 09:49:42 -0600 Report

I made sweet potatoes with minuture marshmellos. Everybody ate them, even thos who don't like them! I'm the only dietbetic. if they don't know it's low in sugar or no sugar they will eat it, so I keep my mouth shut, sit back and laugh to myself!

GabbyPA 2011-12-12 20:11:17 -0600 Report

I found a kind of fun sweet potato idea for the holidays. You bake the sweet potatoes and then you can take a few of them and add a "twice baked" concept and scoop out the potato, mix in the syrup or brown sugar and then top them with the mini marshmallows. Pop those back into the oven and bake them. That way they are still baked sweet potatoes and you can have the plain ones and make a few "twice baked" ones to appease the crowd.

It is hard to accommodate everyone, but as long as you are taking care that there is something there for you to eat safely, then why not make them something they are wanting? I make banana bread for people at christmas because they request it. I don't even really like my banana bread, and I sure don't want to eat much of it...yikes. But I like making things for others that they like, so it works out great.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2011-12-12 18:01:47 -0600 Report

Lileas: You do have a problem, in fact quite a mess. What? you say…Your mess, your problem isn't the sweet potatoes, it's your daughter. She's the mess and is causeing a mess. I'm so sorry for being so blunt, but I got very defensive for you when I read your post. She should be proud of your dedication to taking care of yourself with the same loving care I'm sure you raised the girls with. Only now you need to turn it to yourself. Quite frankly, I would make mine, my way. Chances are no one will tell the differance anyway, almost no one can and you'll have something you can enjoy. You could offer to bring something else, but let her Mother-in-law give her the recipe and she can make her own. She needs to grow-up…she sounds quite selfish. I would print these threads and show them too her. It may open her eyes. Happy Hoidays to you…Valentine Lady

ShellyLargent 2011-12-12 13:48:03 -0600 Report

If it were me… I would simply remind her that being a good and gracious holiday hostess also includes making sure that the dietary needs of ALL your guests are met adequately. For a potluck situation, that typically means that those with special diets make and bring something they themselves can eat. It's the easiest way to ensure everyone will be able to enjoy the holiday meal. To keep the family peace… would it be possible to make some substitutions in the candied sweet potato recipe some that it would be diabetic friendly, like using a brown sugar substitute likie Splenda or a sugar-free maple syrup instead? I've never tried it that way, so someone else might be able to weigh in better.

meowbat 2011-12-12 01:51:32 -0600 Report

This is my answer to your two Q's; 1- If this is a family get together involving a potluck to insure everyone's involvement and enough food to go around, then you have every right to bring whatever you choose. The history of your dislike of that dish and the fact of your diabetes should have been more than enough reason to NEVER mention such a thing. You are NOT selfish!!!! 2- NO, you don't have any need or reason to bring 2 dishes. Bring the dish you want to bring. If you daughter wants to impress HER mother-in-law that badly, then she should ask you for the recipe and bring it herself!!!! You take what you want to take. If nobody eats it 'cause they think it's "Diabetic Food", that's their ignorance and their lose. And don't take all that foolishness to heart either. They lack knowledge on the subject and you can't force feed it. If at the end of the day you have some to take back home, oh well, portion, freeze, and save yourself some time on another day. You have earned your right to do as you need.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-12-11 20:43:39 -0600 Report

I'm sorry, but that was very insensitive of you daughter. She should be embracing that you are taking care of yourself. It's hard to say how to play this. One one hand, I would be like, I will make them the way I like them so there!! But on the other hand, you probably don't want to start a war over this. If you feel compelled to make them the "sweet" way, maybe you could make a small dish your way. After the fact, I would tell my daughter that she was insensitive and she should be more supportive of ;you taking care of yourself.
I probably was not much help, huh? Sorry.
I wish you the best on this tough decision.
Peace, mickey

Young1s 2011-12-11 15:53:39 -0600 Report

Of course your not being selfish. Your daughter is being insentive and ungrateful. Where she should be embracing the fact that the whole family is able to gather together for another holiday season. I can't believe your daughter is getting so upset over a dish that she, herself, wouldn't eat as a child. And that's exactly how she sounds, childish.

It also sounds to me like she is trying to impress her mother-in-law, which has nothing to do with you. For years I tried this with my husbands mother without any success. I finally realized that all my efforts were in vain and my energy could be spent on better things. Twenty years later she still can't stand me but we're at least civil with one another. So I suggest you kindly tell her, if that is the way her mother-in-law likes them then she or her mother-in-law should make them, and get off your back.

Caroltoo 2011-12-11 13:00:14 -0600 Report

No, she sounds very self centered herself. Give her a copy of the recipe or suggest she invite her motherin-law.

I'm all for keeping peace in the family and, faced with the situation, I might make both. I am having a problem with her attitude and am reacting to it. Since you say that your family never ate them, this is a strange response from your daughter. Is something else going on?