What is Your Relationship with Food?

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In a recent post from a DC Pal, it was mentioned that initially they took meds but didn't change their lifestyle. I think that is so hard for so many of us! There are often other underlying issues that are barriers preventing our effectively making the healthy changes that will support our overall goals. That got me thinking about the role food plays in my life.
I have often heard remarks that unlike alcoholics who can simply (yeah right) stop drinking, diabetics must eat and very often our eating habits become quite complicated and require a great deal of thought and planning. For those of us who used food to feel better, and/or ate mindlessly, we become forced to examine our relationship with food and the power it holds in our lives.
Before my diagnosis nine years ago and during my recent year-long non compliance, my relationship with food was that of comfort and escape. During times of stress I looked to food as a welcomed diversion from my stress. When faced with unpleasant tasks at work, eating allowed me to avoid the unpleasantness and, for a short time, feel good and postpone the task. Food was the focal point around which I planned my recreational activities. I would walk with a friend and eat a big lunch after; spending time with my husband meant going out to a big meal on the weekend; vacationing meant going on a cruise and eating everything in sight.
Food remains a focal point in my life; however, now it represents the tool with which I can rebuild my health. Like a carpenter building a house, the food I eat is the foundation I lay to support my good health. I see food as building blocks now; carbs, proteins, fats. I arrange these blocks in combinations what will build strength and ensure stability. With each choice I make, I ask myself if the block will support the structure of my goals or will it be a weak link that could result in the collapse of what I have worked so hard to construct.
As a result of this, I have changed my relationship with food from that of a crutch for my emotional vulnerability to a solid structure in which my good health and vitality lives and grows.
DC Pals, what is your relationship with food? Do you see a change in the role food plays in your life. Is there a way to build a relationship with food that will support YOUR health goals?

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Mickey/CCHT 2011-12-07 19:32:24 -0600 Report

My problem was, I just liked all the bad stuff! All those foods packed with chemicals and junk, I was all about it! Never really thought about what it was that I was eating, I just ate what I wanted! Total carb hussy!! LOL

jayabee52 2011-12-07 19:18:41 -0600 Report

Howdy Sherrie.
I used to do a lot of those same unhelathy behaviors before Feb of 2011. I came to a realization that I really COULD manage my condition using food and eating a healthy menu and avoiding the foods which were unhealthy for me.

My relationship with food has changed radically.

I eat a lot less, and with more mindfulness about what I eat and avoid.

Do the old ways of eating try to reassert themselves? Yes. and sometimes I succumb to them. But more often I do stick with my mel plan and my Blood Glucose readings in the normal range without medication reward me. (102 this morning!)

Blessings to you and yours


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