Finish What You Start

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Greetings DC Pals!
I'm passing this on because it worked for me today. A doctor on TV said that to have inner peace we should always finish things we start and I can always use more calm in my life. I looked around my house to find things I'd started and hadn't finished, so I finished off a bottle of Cabernet, a bottle of Pinot, a boddle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how fablus I feel rite nw. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum i luvem. — ShERriE.
Enjoy the giggle!

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meter readers of void
meter readers of void 2011-12-08 21:41:36 -0600 Report

spin the bottle,got splashed with the inner piss—kisses and hugs to the ones who find their inner peace —-lmao once you find it hang on to it lol

berrykins0 2011-12-07 16:54:29 -0600 Report

i started contoling my diabetes and made sure to finish staying in control and will always will make to keep this a finished to my best of my ability.i prefer not to have to start over again. amen

Type1Lou 2011-12-07 12:56:37 -0600 Report

This is just what I needed today! Laughter is truly the best medicine…and I think I have an open bottle of chablis in the fridge…

Gracie40 2011-12-07 12:24:34 -0600 Report

I have a huge smile on my face. Old sober-sides me took it literally for the first 2 sentences. Chuckle

SCLWKR 2011-12-07 12:28:34 -0600 Report

That's the funny part about it. Before you know it you are sucked in. We al need a laugh.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-12-06 23:01:02 -0600 Report

That is hysterical!! I love it!! Like how you were getting alittle slurred there!! Just how fablus were you!! Your such a wild women!!
Thanks for the giggles!
Peace, Mickey

jayabee52 2011-12-06 21:54:45 -0600 Report


Caroltoo 2011-12-06 22:52:36 -0600 Report

I don't speak messaging, wish I did, but I think I got that…right on, too funny…laughed my butt off? Or am I just imagining that?

jayabee52 2011-12-06 22:57:32 -0600 Report

Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off!

When I see something I don't know like that I search for it in Google. There are also several dictionaries of internet abbreviations around on the net.

Caroltoo 2011-12-07 00:23:43 -0600 Report

I didn't know there were. I'll have to explore those one of these days when I see some one's post which is exclusively in text language. I've noticed a few and just ignored them. You are just a wealth of knowledge on a lot of subjects. I feel like I'm talking to a Renaissance man. Always something new and unexpected. Thanks.

Young1s 2011-12-07 11:22:34 -0600 Report

Nick, thanks for this. It'll come in handy when I am texting with my kids. It's like they're speaking ubby dubby. I never learned that either.

Nick1962 2011-12-07 11:47:17 -0600 Report

Oh, just make up your own - confuse the heck out of the little darlings. I'm still laughin - FYI "Found Your Insulin" BwaaHaaHaaaa!

Caroltoo 2011-12-07 01:06:03 -0600 Report

I don't think so. When we have value to offer, it is false humility not to recognize and acknowledge it. I know society doesn't always see it that way and is quick to judge us as boastful or whatever.

I guess a lot of the question is how you go about sharing your knowledge of your worth. You do it in a real and helpful manner which demonstrates the worth, so you don't really have to tell people, they recognize it and appreciate it.

I think the risk of saying it to someone who doesn't know you and hasn't seen your skills, is that they might think it was inflated self worth. But, Jay, that's what everyone on dating sites does, so most women tend to discount what they hear in a description because we all know we all present ourselves in the best light possible. That's what dating and the "honeymoon" phase of relationships are all about, unfortunately. You are blessed when you can find someone where you are both real and so you don't change as you go into a relationship or friendship.

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