Reality Bites; But We Already Know That

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But, we all know that; But what we don't seem to know yet is how to change it or stop blaming ourselves for the outcomes of our life, and health. The fact is, for a lot of us, we are a product of our families; we learn from them and carry that on what we have learned through our lives; diet, emotions, genetics,the way we do things, sometimes even mental health issues due to our upbringing. But, we need to take the blames ourselves; we are the ones adding destruction to our health and mental health. We are the ones who need to arm ourselves with the proper knowlege to help us with our health issues; and we are the one's that need to follow through with those issues, whether we are to blame, or not, It is our problem now, so we need to deal with it. We can not always depend on the support of family members or caregivers, for whatever reasons. So, we must take that first step to a healthy existence, then the next, then the…and so on, and as we arm ourself with knowledge and take those steps day by day, they will become easier and we will be able to accept our condition and how to live with it and then move on. Make plans to change our lives; do things we always wanted to do, within reason, but learn to enjoy our lives. Coming to this site is definitely an effective step to arm yourself with knowledge and caring friends, no matter which step it took you to get here. It, definitely is A Positive Step.

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You know what Gabby; I would love to know what you do, because you are full of knowlege, and you always know how to answer a question with facts and ensuring ideas behind it. You are great; wish we could meet someday. You seem so like me, in a way, always there when we are needed, to the best of our ability. Luv you 4 that:->)Claudia

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Hey Claudia,
I too find myself drawn to your discussions. Sometimes I feel that adding something is kind of useless, because you cover it so well in your posts. But I just can't help myself. LOL

What I do; design custom homes for people. Can you guess how my finances are doing? LOL So it is not really what I do, but who I am the spawns the responses that I share. I am not religious, but have a deep abide for the spiritual things. Love nature and well, my Sagittarian sign says it all. Happy, go lucky, adventerous and so much more. I just strive to see the good in people and situations, always looking as the many sides of a story (usually anyway) I can get really opinionated and heated when I have made up my mind, but I usually listen to all voices...even the ones in my head. LOL!

Just a regular person who has been blessed with a lot of wonderful life experiences that I enjoy sharing.

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You both make my day. You always make me think and that is a good thing. Most times I learn a little something too.

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Here, here! Yes, life is a challenge and I look at it this way. No matter what I face, I am doing it for a reason. Not because I am a bad person, but because I am strong enough to work thru it and inspire and help someone else to do it too.

I am a firm believer in the seasons of a relationship. Facing hardships and triumphs are the same. We go thru life with things that happen to us and we can't see the "wisdom" in it. One day, the light bulb will go on. You will meet that person in your life that needs help in what you have already gone thru. Perhaps you will meet someone who has stood in your shoes and can pull you up. Maybe it is just a sympathetic ear that prevents you from doing something stupid because they took the time to just let you vent...right or wrong.

I remember one time I had a friend who was really upset at someone and she ranted for about 15 minutes. At the end of it she said she needed someone to tell her she was wrong. I told her not a few days I will say that to you, but not today. We laughed and she knew that I undestood her pain.

Each of us has a part to play, and we all don't get the lead roles. We do what we are meant to do, no matter how small it might be. When we take the time to help one person, to challenge one thought, to argue one point...then we are making our lives more valuable to those around us.