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Started 2011-12-05 09:40:44 -0600

I am a little worried that my BS has been staying in the 100s lately. It is still not in the high 100s. I am wondering what I may be doing wrong. Any thoughts? I have not changed the way I eat or exercise so that is why I am worried. Trying to think of anything else but so far nithing comes to mind.


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lifedriver 2011-12-07 17:50:03 -0600 Report

Where in the Hundreds are you testing? Start counting your carbs and add more fiber to your diet. You can really control your BS by watching what you eat and drink. What are your numbers? I have been help in so many ways by friends in this community. My family is here and they will help. Fasting and two hours after you eat. Let us/me know…LIVE

GabbyPA 2011-12-05 10:32:55 -0600 Report

Sometimes winter can make trouble for us. Our numbers can go on the rise. It may not be that you are doing anything "wrong", just something is changing. Even just some additional holiday stress. In another post you were asking about sleep, and maybe it is just a combination of a few things that is tipping the scales a bit.

kaiya2465 2011-12-05 11:04:18 -0600 Report

Gabby:: Thank you!! Very understandable. I see my primary tomorrow afternoon so I will update then. Just not used to seeing my BS like that.