I weigh 95lbs 5'3" and am wasting away insulin dependant

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After my car accident in 2008, I was in the hospital for 78 days not able to walk for 75 of those days. Ended up with muscle atrophy, of all places, in my left butt cheek, the left side has the total hip replacement. Not only does this cause more pain but makes it hard to exercise. I am on the sliding scale with Novolog and take Novolin N 2X day. I eat a lot of calories on days when I am very active, medium calories on days when I know I will not be as active. I still eat carbs and calories when I am just laying around, usually due to the pain, no matter what I eat or do, I cannot gain weight. Have been between 90lbs-100lbs for over 2 years now and feel like skin on a skeleton.
I need to find a way to gain weight. My doc says to eat more red meat, I love red meat. However, I also have dentures that prevent me from eating steak the way I like it, living in Alaska I eat a lot of fish and buffalo, moose, caribou and try to put poultry in my diet but not my fav.
What should I be eating to gain weight considering my life is so diverse? One day a lot of activity, next day hardly any, next day moderate activity. It is like a roller coaster with my blood glucose levels. I wake up with as low as 30, and other days I wake up with over 300! It is hard to figure out what to do.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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JoleneAL 2011-12-01 12:13:33 -0600 Report

What about protien drinks? I know there are sugar free ones out there in mix format. Try vitacost.com I have dentures too and eat meat just fine. Maybe they need to be readjusted by the dentist and add some polygrip to hold them down.

jayabee52 2011-12-01 01:05:45 -0600 Report

HOwdy Coldinalaska, WELCOME to Diabeticconnect!

I can only make a guess, as I only dabble in nutrition, but perhaps adding fats to your eating plan may contribute to gaining weight.

Blessings to you and yours!


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