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By highlandcitygirl Latest Reply 2008-11-12 22:52:13 -0600
Started 2008-11-03 20:17:49 -0600

new to the site,does anyone else experience a thousand and one mood changes in a day?

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cakeybakes 2008-11-12 22:52:13 -0600 Report

Yes! When my BS is out of control it's even worse. Thank God for a fabulous hubby and two awesome teenagers! They really help keep me grounded.

highlandcitygirl 2008-11-07 20:10:35 -0600 Report

well i got something besides my mood that goes up and down. that would be my weight. i am doing a poor job of living my life.

2008-11-08 16:51:22 -0600 Report

You are not doing a poor job of living your life. Don't ever feel that way. We can only do what we are capable of doing at any given time. Everyday is a new day to learn something new about how to manage your diabetes. It's not easy but you can do it. Read all you can about how to manage this and how to get your weigh moving in the right direction and then implement one change at a time. While I'm sure our doctors would love it if we could all wake up tomorrow and be the right weight and have perfect blood sugars that's not going to happen , it's a process. Set small goals for yourself, like I'm going to eat better at breakfast today, and then move to I'm going to eat better at breakfast and lunch etc. Go for a walk, even if it's only a few squares on the sidewalk and increase it a little each time. You sound like you might be overwhelmed by all this and that's ok. Take it one step at a time and always remember this. 'You are worth the effort!' If you can find a gift every day it might help your moods too. Like today, I was looking out the window and saw a squirrel with a huge nut in his mouth, traveling as fast as he could to store that for later. I thought you know that little guy is working hard to prepare for winter and I was thankful I was able to see it. It's the little things that mean the most so keep your eyes open for life's little 'gifts'. A pretty flower, a bird chirping, a good apple, savor the taste, a smile from a child in line at the store… I don't know if anything I'm saying here will help you but it's how I deal with the ups and downs of my diabetic life. Good wishes to you hon.

sparkysmom 2008-11-04 14:30:06 -0600 Report

Definitely. Happy and chipper one minute crying at cartoons the next. I figure it must be all the meds I take and my MIL who lives with us.

Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2008-11-04 13:56:13 -0600 Report

Yes, I do…Maybe even a million and two..But I am scared to say anything…Doctors want to label you as bipolar (even if you are not) I think this day & time there is so much going on and a person has so many different shoes to fill and moods run rapidly..You are not alone in this…some just do not want to admit it…