The Holiday Season is upon us.

Just Joyce
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Now that the holiday season is upon us, there will be office parties, family gatherings and other opportunities for the goodies of the season to tempt us to eat them. Can't you just hear the cookies just saying "Eat me, I taste good?" Well for some of us a cookie won't change our blood sugars however, you still have to consider whether or not you should eat it.

Office party planners and family and friends may consider the vegans but they might not think about the diabetics. If you are a part of the party planning team, make sure you have foods and snacks for everyone. If you aren't, ask the office team, the family member or the friend who is considering a party to have foods diabetics can eat. If they aren't sure of what to provide, make suggestions. It is no fun being at a party with foods that will not benefit us as diabetics. If you are invited to a party, you can still eat the food and be happy. If you are not sure what will be served, eat before you leave home. You will arrive at the party full and you can have veggies or even a cookie provided your numbers are at a normal level. Remember Diabetes does not take vacations or skip the holidays. Peace and Love and have a Healthy, Happy, Holiday Season.

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Set apart
Set apart 2011-12-06 10:36:49 -0600 Report

You are so right, I have already found it difficult with everyone one around me eating all the time. People are taking turns bringing in goodies to our office. I am planning to bring in some things that I can eat. My first holiday season as a D will in fact come with some temptations, but like you said my body doesn't say, "Today you can eat whatever you want." It's not like before when I would be on a diet and allow for days of some type of treats. I have to find a median here where I don't feel so left out. Some of my closest coworkers are exploring sugar free desserts for me. I think that's great - yet at times I find it difficult to explain to them that although these are sugarfree I must still count the carbs towards my meal planning. During this times I guess I have to think that like other holidays I don't have to worry about packing on extra pounds and be one of those with a New Year's Goal to lose weight. There are definitely some advantages to this! Good Luck to All and Happy Holidays.

Caroltoo 2011-12-06 11:26:48 -0600 Report

In the work environment, I always had a bag of unsalted almonds in my purse and a bigger bag in my desk (for refills) as well as lots of celery to munch on if I needed to chew something that crackled/crunched when I bit into it. Saved many a day's BG.