Lost my mind and forgot my medicine!

By pixsidust Latest Reply 2011-11-30 15:21:39 -0600
Started 2011-11-29 23:57:53 -0600

Ever forget to take your medicine? Today was such a day! I went over my morning routine in my mind…and there it stayed. Just great!
I have had many worries, being unemployed and other things.

My morning fasting glucose was 105. I ate a late breakfast around 10:00, eggs made with onions, a sausage patty and a half cup of oatmeal. I am really full from that and do not get hungry for a long time. I ate some carrot sticks and drank almond milk later. Later again I had a green giant steamed veggie pkg and I ate a cookie. Around 4PM it dawned on me that I did not take my medicine. I tested and had a reading of 82. With that reading I decided to eat while taking my evening Metformin. I splurged by having some casserole. Still in a decent range I had a miracle reading of 113. Wow, I am skating on ice… and did not fall through!

Have you ever forgotten to take your medicine? I knew to just take the prescribed dosage and pick up where my next dose should be taken.
All in all my numbers were not bad.

I think the Grace of God covered me, and hope it covers you as well.

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Young1s 2011-11-30 11:57:14 -0600 Report

Yes. I forgot to take my evening Met on Thanksgiving. I was at 108 before turning in so I decided to have a small piece of pie. My fasting number was 150 something the next day. Problem is, I didn't remember that I forgot until after my breakfast so by mid-morn I was up to about 180 something. It took me til around 4pm to get down to 112. Funny how I remember the good numbers exactly, huh?

jayabee52 2011-11-30 07:40:20 -0600 Report

Yes I've done that quite frequently, Christy. Welcome to the human race! LoL!

pixsidust 2011-11-30 09:32:42 -0600 Report

Any idea why my numbers were so low, when I did not take my medicine?

jayabee52 2011-11-30 10:03:55 -0600 Report

not off the top of my head. Perhaps your pancreas is putting out enough insulin to manage your BG levels. You MAY wish to consider managing your BG levels through what you eat (like I do). But before you take such a step talk it over with your Dr. If you want pointers on menu plans talk to me on DC Email.

Annie Banannie
Annie Banannie 2011-11-30 01:34:16 -0600 Report

WOW! I know I have missed dosages as well. Ironically, today was one of them, too! I figured it out late in the afternoon but unlike you, my readings were horrible. I will get back on track tomorrow. Praise God that your numbers were great!

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