My son is 4, he starts school next year!!!

By Nenny87 Latest Reply 2011-11-30 01:16:11 -0600
Started 2011-11-29 21:47:20 -0600

I looked into getting a school aide for him to be with him at all times at school but i was told they wont give me one, now I dont know what to do from this point!!! Anyone have a similar situation with a child, and how did you go about handling situation???

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Annie Banannie
Annie Banannie 2011-11-30 01:16:11 -0600 Report

Isn't there a wrist band with an electronic reading to record when he is getting too low! Being high is risky, but I would think going too low would be far too dangerous! That device could help his teacher understand his reading vs sending him to the nurse for BG readings!

pattroyka58 2011-11-29 22:07:06 -0600 Report

Why does he need a school aide? If it's a valid medical thing, I'd go to the school board, then the board of ed., maybe after that the courts. PLEASE DO NOT let the school run you around, I did when my daughter was sick, and when she got better after 6 weeks they told her to go home and withdraw or flunk out. Don't go there.

Nenny87 2011-11-29 22:12:59 -0600 Report

Well i wasnt sure how that works, i just know when i contacted them, they said they can have a nurse in school builing at all times, but my only concern was how does the teacher know when hes getting low, or if hes high, or when to know to send him to the nurse to be checked…

pattroyka58 2011-11-29 22:40:24 -0600 Report

I would get your son's doctor or clinic to furnish the teacher with a booklet or pamphlet on how to "read" diabetic kids, and also give her a short list of any unusual hints that he has to let you know he's high or low. Also, be sure to check whether the school nurse is RN or something less. If he's brittle, I'd go the route of school board, B of E, court. You are ultimately responsible for his life right now.

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