Oh the joys of being unprepared!!!

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Started 2011-11-29 13:56:11 -0600

Thought i might share a funny story today!!!!
We all have experiencs of the hassles of keeping on top of your supplies can be, have i got enough test strips for the rest of the day, have i enough units left to last the week, infusion sets, needle tips tablets and the list goes on!!!!

last night just before i got ready for bed i could and feel my pump vibrate!!!
"oooohh nnnnoooo, i was meaning to change that, feck!!!" my pump was screaming at me that the battery was dead and needed to be changed!!! i didnt have any spare and panic started to set in when u realised i had no needles on stand by!!! so after 20 minutes searching the house i have to resort to robbing the battery out of the tv remote!!
Today when i arrived home from college i walked into the sittingroom to witniss my house mate banging the remote with frustration as the tv wouldnt turn on!! after explaining what happened i felt like a little "diabetic delinquent"!!! but sure enough my housemate understood and found it quite funny!!

So leson learned. . . . . . prepare to be prepared!!!

any similar stories??? please share!!!

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daydreamer630 2011-12-02 05:43:03 -0600 Report

Well I was at a school function with a friend and between getting ready and the excitement I forgot my change of site(i have an insulin pump). Not long into the game I started feeling my BG go up! So I did the usual, test and give some insulin. Well 2hrs later I was still elevated and I had keynotes so I knew it was my site. I needed insulin ASAP. So I went to a secluded place(so I thought) in the hall. I drew the insulin and just as I stuck the needle in my arm two tweens walked by. Of course they saw the needle and I'm sure they noticed I was in a dark hallway. So I'm positive it look awful. Yet I thought it was kind of amusing as they walked by mouth a gap.

roshy 2011-12-03 11:18:11 -0600 Report

haha!! you should of whispered "ssshhhh, dont tell anyone " just to really freak them out!!
I remember when i first got my pump i went out shopping with friends (take it into account that the pump is relatively new in ireland and not many esp the general public have ever heard or seen one)
well in anyways as i was approaching the busy till the operator was looking at me with a very stange face until finially she said " sorry love, theres something danggling between your legs" then i quickly realised my pump had come loose and was swinging side to side . I replied oh thanks that my pump" and ran off leaving herself and the rest of costumers wondering "WHAT THE HELL IS A PUMP AND WHY IS IT DANGGLING FROM HER SKIRT"
I really should have explained myself a little better!! but hey! these things happen i suppose!!
im glad im not the only one with these kind of stories!!

Young1s 2011-12-02 17:01:59 -0600 Report

LOL Oh man. You just know they were texting everybody they knew about that. You probably blew up their facebook pages and don't even know it.

sloane 2011-12-03 07:39:49 -0600 Report

Humor is a fabulous way to approach life!! Thanks for sharing. When my son was just 9 he came home with a very high blood sugar. As always we discussed what happened. He explained that he started to fall asleep in class and decided to snack just to be safe. What did you learn from this, I asked?? His reply—"I learned that my class was very boring!"

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-12-01 16:52:07 -0600 Report

I think you just made that up to weasel our neglect stories out of us! I only washed my meter twice!

Young1s 2011-12-03 14:06:48 -0600 Report

I know Jim. Like the very first time I stuck my finger, I did it without the cap on it. Serves me right for not reading the instructions first.

roshy 2011-12-01 17:29:49 -0600 Report

ah listen!!! i wish it was made up!!! but sadly its not!! jaysus!! i think im gona have to fill the bath for my meter now!!! just realised how neglected he is!!!

pixsidust 2011-12-01 14:10:21 -0600 Report

I did the same thing! How funny! We have a remote right now that is battery-less due to my hijacking them for my meter!

Glad your roommate understands the priority of things!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2011-12-01 10:19:30 -0600 Report

Roshy, I always am looking for a battery for something. Now I keep batteries upstairs for the flashlights, tv remotes and the bathroom radio. I keep them downstairs for the same reason. The one thing I have done that was smart, was buy an extra phone battery with charger for my cell phone. I never plug it in to a power cord and I carry the extra battery in my purse. I never have a dead phone or have to wonder if I have my phone cord to charge my battery.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-30 09:17:18 -0600 Report

I wish I had one to share. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. We all focus so hard on the fight, sometimes it is hard to remember to see the humor which is so very important.
Your little story made me laugh out loud, which makes me feel good. Thank you so much!!
God Bless you!

Young1s 2011-11-29 14:36:19 -0600 Report

LOL Thanks for the chuskle. I wish I had a story to share. Bet that won't happen again for a loonngg time, if at all. :)

roshy 2011-11-29 14:31:20 -0600 Report

yeah you guessed correctly!!! the poor blokes pump got sucked up into the machine!!! i bet he was cursing the doctor who never told him to take it out!!! i couldnt help but lagh at that story!!! bye bye pump!!!!

GabbyPA 2011-12-01 07:38:28 -0600 Report

My husband has an internal one, so a full MRI is a no-no for him. It would turn his insides into spaghetti. That is creepy stuff. That is why they use titanium and aluminum in many replacements. Could you imagine...YIKES.

roshy 2011-11-29 14:23:42 -0600 Report

Talking about preparing for the unexpected . . . . ill never forget the time the nurse told me about another patient who was having an MRI scan and this patient was infused with a pump and was never told to take it off. . . . .guess what happened????

GabbyPA 2011-11-29 14:26:23 -0600 Report

OUCH! That thing got ripped out I bet and it was not funny...at least at the time???? That is just a huge magnet. So what happened?????

GabbyPA 2011-11-29 13:59:08 -0600 Report

So...if your housemate presses your buttons, does the TV come on? LOL!!