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Started 2011-11-28 16:37:43 -0600

Earn your Hugger Badge I just did and had fun doing so…LIVE

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Caroltoo 2011-11-28 19:17:06 -0600 Report

Well, so far I have read that live hugs and kisses keep our bodies relaxed and, in the long term, lower our blood pressure and increase cardiac heath. Don't know if they do anything for the BG, but the others sound like enough of a good reason! Besides, as you say, they are just plain fun!!

lifedriver 2011-11-28 22:39:42 -0600 Report

YES, Caroltoo staying happy work great for me.. there is too much sadness and being positive allows me freedom to allow energy in that are good. Try it you will like it…LIVE… and send some hugs around.