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I've had repeated gouts ever since I was diagnosed Diabetic in 2002. I had 1-2 gouts almost every year. I had to take 2-3 ibufrofen pills at least twice a day in order to reduce inflammation in the foot. Recently the last few weeks, I've had to take 4 - 200mg 3 times a day (per doctor's order) to just to reduce pain in my foot. In the past I've had a couple of steriod shot in the affected joint foot. I was able to walk on it the next day just like nothing happened. Just fantastic. But not this time, It did not work. I'm still having foot pains underneath my foot and just will not go away. Doctor clueless! Need help. Anybody got any idea about possibly cure a gout. Please spell it here! I'm sure I am not the only person suffering from it.

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Caroltoo 2011-11-24 12:57:52 -0600 Report

Could be neuropathy. Might give 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid a try. It helps some of us. If you do, add in some extra Biotin because while the plus side of Alpha Lipoic is that it helps w/pain, the downside is that it depletes the body's biotin.

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