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I feel like i have finally found my way home. Home to a place where i can be me and where somtimes maybe something i have to say is seen as good and helps others. I know i great deal of people do not care for me because of the first discussion i put on here because of the 20 or so i ask to be my friend i might get 1 yes. but i keep on trying and still i feel safe and at home here so i will be here awhile

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jonimouse 2011-11-24 18:09:25 -0600 Report

Hello! I'm new here myself! I've been posting at the depression site, and just joined the ptsd site too. I feel alone in my battles but know that I am not. I'm looking forward to making many friends, and being able to discuss everything with you!!

Caroltoo 2011-11-24 18:18:45 -0600 Report

Welcome! Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one.

medic673b 2011-11-24 22:18:14 -0600 Report

i am right here with you i too have major depression and PTSD but this site has helped me deal with all three really this is a wonderful place to be here to bad the price of admission is diabetes

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-11-24 03:10:00 -0600 Report

I found out that I am type 2 diabetic this past May and I began to search the internet for information because I knew absolutely nothing about diabetes. I felt so alone. Somehow I found DC and this site has been a wonderful blessing to me. I have many wonderful friends here and a wealth of information and its also wonderful because I feel like I'm part of a huge family and we all understand one another and care about one another and everyone accepts the new ones that come on as though a new child has arrived in the family. Everyone also watches out for each other and invaders of the site that have ill intent or are looking to make a sale are quickly subdued and gotten rid of. I love everyone on here and feel blessed to have found a place of comfort such as this. I thank God for DC and feel blessed. I have learned so much about diabetes. ☺

medic673b 2011-11-24 00:38:03 -0600 Report

to all of you and please pass this on. since coming to this sight and getting something of my chest i feel great because i know i have finally found a family i can be a part of and that makes me feel great

Caroltoo 2011-11-24 00:41:57 -0600 Report

Michael: I'm so glad to hear you say that you feel like you have found a family. This really is unique because here you can actually choose your family or be all inclusive. So happy for you. Hope Thanksgiving is good too.

nanaellen 2011-11-23 23:14:18 -0600 Report

I feel the same as you! I had a rough begining here too. But I'm guessing that the attitudes of everyone has a LOT to do with the fact everyone is at a different stage of their Diabetes and it affects everyone SO differently but that's what makes the world go round, Right??!! ;) I'm still here for ya! Don't get a chance to check in as often but I'll ALWAYS be back!! Your friend, Ellen :)

digitaldoorbell 2011-11-23 21:31:15 -0600 Report

Well, I like you here and I think this was one of the most pleasant posts I've seen here for a long time. I'm glad that you feel the way that you do and hope that you, and all of us on this site, have a safe, blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Nick1962 2011-11-23 10:56:36 -0600 Report

Ain’t being a band dad great? Wasn’t too long ago my wife and I were falling asleep in the car at 1:30 a.m. in the high school parking lot waiting for the bus to pull in after competitions. Congrats to her on the 10 wins! Mine only took 2 her senior year.

Gracie40 2011-11-23 12:42:10 -0600 Report

I have a confession to make about being a band parent. On one occasion, I knew my son would be back around 12:30am. So I laid down for a while, having set the clock for 12:00midnite. Or so I thought. I woke up at 1:30with the phone ringing, and my son saying, "Mom did you forget me?" It was a lot of fun being a band parent and watching the kids excel. Happy Memories. Gracie+

Young1s 2011-11-22 20:06:13 -0600 Report

I happened to be up when you posted this, this morning. (Restless night.) I was going to send a reply then decided to read some of your other postings before responding. I could only find one posting that sent everyone off in a tissy. As I read through them, and your responses back, one thing became very clear to me. Everyone had something to say but nobody was listening to one another. Not trying to reopen old wounds but it seems to me that all you were trying to do is open a discussion and, while no one wants to admit to it, some people have had these same thoughts, questions, feelings. In my opinion, what you were looking for was feedback and most of what you got was strife. I hope that hasn't scared others from opening up their own "sensitive" discussions for fear of the reprocussions. I hope I am not dropped from anyone's friends lists because I too feel like you are all part of my family now. And in my family we fight…but we forgive and then we move on, stronger in the love that we share. Glad you are finally feeling at home, medic.

medic673b 2011-11-24 00:34:20 -0600 Report

thank you it is a great feeling being here despite the Diabetes this site may be the one that pulls me through

Gracie40 2011-11-22 15:26:43 -0600 Report

We claim to be about supporting each other and I for one think we ought to put our money where our mouths are. There are so many new members, practically no one knows what you are referring to. So how are you? How are the blood sugars? Do you have plans for Thanksgiving? How about sharing. I would love to hear. The girl in the pic looks like a band member. What school? Without divulging too much of course. Here's a cyber Hi 5! Gracie+

Nick1962 2011-11-23 10:55:57 -0600 Report

Ain’t being a band dad great? Wasn’t too long ago my wife and I were falling asleep in the car at 1:30 a.m. in the high school parking lot waiting for the bus to pull in after competitions. Congrats to her on the 10 wins! Mine only took 2 her senior year.

medic673b 2011-11-22 17:16:18 -0600 Report

she is my daughter and she plays the flute in her school marching band. They won 10 trophies tis year at compitions twice the won best overall beating ut all bands at that particular night. She is being groomed to be drum major her junior year

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-23 01:26:29 -0600 Report

That is way cool! You have to be so very proud of her! You said your only daughter, do you have any boys? I just have a daughter,17, teenagers, gotta love um!!

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-23 21:36:34 -0600 Report

I know, right! She's a good kid, they just like to test ya. That's normal. I'm lucky though comparied to what i hear other parents going thru!

Young1s 2011-11-23 15:19:52 -0600 Report

Try living with two 19 year olds, a 17 year old and an almost 13 year old. It's a wonder I'm not in the looney bin. My 17 year old is the only boy and gives me the most problems.

jayabee52 2011-11-23 16:00:37 -0600 Report

I have 3 boys all out of the Nest now. I heard that Girls are worse than boys.
I wouldn't know as I have all boys so I just have to take it on faith what "they" say!

berrykins0 2011-11-23 17:55:38 -0600 Report

girls hake splitting hairs i hear. i wouldn't know i don't have kids but i would belive it so being a woman.

Caroltoo 2011-11-23 15:29:10 -0600 Report

Oh, you seem to keep it together rather nicely! Hang on, they will grow up. After mine grew up and out of the nest, I found I missed him and motherhood, so I took in a series of 8 foster children. One was a single, another a group of 3 teenaged sisters, and the last was a group of 2 moms-to-be ages 13 and 16 who both gave birth to daughters in less than one week…and then we were 4, well actually 5 because one of the threesome was still here too.

meowbat 2011-11-24 04:35:45 -0600 Report

Hi, new here. Just read this. I can't decide if you are; A- Queen of all supermoms, B- basically insane, C- snake-bit, or all three!!! More Power To You!!! Happy T Day

Caroltoo 2011-11-24 07:50:51 -0600 Report

Welcom, Meowbat, I was working professionally in foster care and adolescent treatment programs at the time and had a good support system. They were just kids who needed a place to stay and some love and support through tough times. It also helped that my husband was a counseling psychologist and I'm an MFCC, so we had some unusual training in the area.

Young1s 2011-11-23 16:10:09 -0600 Report

Woww… I now dub thee Super Mom. That is really special and tough. Where do you find the time or energy? I sure hope they all appreciate(d) all that you do/did for them.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-23 21:35:09 -0600 Report

I second the motion!! That is a lot to take on and work!! Should change your name here to Super Mom!! LOL JK
God Bless ya for helping those kids. That is amazing!

Caroltoo 2011-11-23 16:19:03 -0600 Report

Actually, I was working full time too, so it was mostly an issue of organization, structure, accountability, as well as love and support. I just set up some supportive structure around them so that they had to be accountable, then we would process in the evening over dinner and dishes.

pixsidust 2011-11-22 15:15:08 -0600 Report

We are all trying to find that home.
Family is often in who we find and God gives us.
Here you are family
I personally am glad for you

Who is that beautiful girl in your picture?

medic673b 2011-11-22 17:17:25 -0600 Report

She is my one and only Daughter that picture was taking at football game while the band had a small break

MEGriff1950 2011-11-22 14:11:34 -0600 Report

Hello again. The great part about this site is that we can all agree to disagree. Sometimes because something works so well for us we feel that it will work for everyone. Though we are all diabetics we all have different needs.
Do not forget that this is the internet. Invitations can get lost. I have tried to accept some and they disappeared.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-22 14:06:47 -0600 Report

I am very happy to hear you feel like you have a home here, because you do. I know i could not do this without support and this site is one of my biggest supports.
I know you are not always going to make everyone happy with your opinions, but that is the great thing about this site. We are all allowed our opinoins . And thank goodness for that, who wants to be the same as everyone else?!
Take care and God Bless you, Mickey
P.S. Welcome home! :)

granniesophie 2011-11-22 05:32:05 -0600 Report

Well, yeah, you have lots to contribute! Please stay here and rock the boat a little…I can't be the only one with an opinion opposite of eveyone elses. Gets boring around here :)
Keep on keepin' on!

jayabee52 2011-11-22 02:23:51 -0600 Report

I am so glad to hear that Michael! — that you feel comfortable here and that you'll be staying around here for a while.

In my 3 years here I have invited probably some 20,000 (just a gestimate haven't really kept track) people to be my friend. I now have something like 3700 + on my friends list as I type this, I find that folks who have signed up and I ask for their friendship sometimes don't come back again. There are others who are occasional posters who don't accept ANY friend requests.

I am thankful for the friends I do have, and that you're one of them.

Blessings to you and yours