Am I a diabetic?

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I've been sick with some really nasty bug and ended up going into the ER recently. After a lot of tests the doc didn't seem concerned and I am. He said my blood sugar was 170 and I hadn't eaten anything for 5 hrs. I've not been diagnosed as diabetic, just borderline a couple of mos and about 10 lbs ago. Do I need to see another doctor or not? Should I be testing myself? Any help would be much appreciated!

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digitaldoorbell 2011-11-23 21:35:09 -0600 Report

It would irresponsible for anyone to tell you not to check your health. If you're not comfortable with your doctor, get another one. I think you should be testing. I'm glad to read that you had results "10 pounds ago", you have helped yourself enormously with each excess pound that you shed.

I'd be interested in hearing your more recent test results.

All the best

SavageAngel 2011-11-23 23:59:03 -0600 Report

No. I was 10 lbs lighter when a different doctor told me I was ore diabetic. My fasting sugar test came back 4 pts below the line. Now, 2 mos later and 10 lbs heavier I was told my sugar was 170 at 5 am but I had eaten 2 chocolate brownies at midnight. I was concerned but the dr (different guy) didn't seem to be concerned at all. I am. I eat sugar or any high carb food and am in the br urinating every few mins or every hr all nite.

digitaldoorbell 2011-11-24 00:31:24 -0600 Report

I understand…I obviously misunderstood.
Here's the thing,in of and by itself, 170 could be good or bad.
After eating that's not a terrible number. Fasting…it's pretty bad.
I would be very concerned by a doctor who is not concerned at all.
You know that it symptomatic and it's your health at stake. I lost a
friend recently who had diabetes. Be sure to persist with your healthcare.
Most doctor's are not very educated on the subject unfortunately.

watson4042 2011-11-24 02:21:14 -0600 Report

i think you should seek another doctor. check into their background and find 1 that specializes in diabetes.

jayabee52 2011-11-22 03:03:19 -0600 Report

Howdy Angel! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect!

I want to caution you that very few of us are a medical Dr and are not qualified to diagnose (Dx) you.

But I have 16 years of being a Person With Diabetes (PWD) and have come to a few conclusions about taking care of myself with diabetes. and I am heppy to share them with you. You are free to take them or leave them.

If you want a definitive Dx, yes you need to see a Dr.

You didn't say for sure whether those were lbs you put ON or took OFF. But I would guess that they were lbs you put on.

If you are in a prediabetes condition, or are questioning if you have diabetes my bias is to test your Blood Glucose (BG) numbers. I recommend a MINIMUM of 3 times per day. Test when you first get up, before you eat anything, (this is called a "Fasting BG test") The second test should be 2 hours after you take your FIRST bite of food. (called "post prandial" test ) You can rotate the meals after which you test by days of the week: for Sunday do your post prandial after Breakfast, Monday, Post prandial after Lunch and Tues Post prandial after the evening meal. And so forth. The reason you do a post prandial is to see how your meals are affecting your BG levels.

Oh and By the way, before I forget, it would be valuable to write these BG levels in a log book or a spreadsheet. If you have Excel on your computer or can download the spreadsheet from "open office" (google it) you can find free Diabetes tracking spreadsheets here:

The 3rd BG test should be just prior to your bedtime, so you know what your BG is upon retiring. That is important to you to know in case you might go low in the night and your liver dumps glucose into your system and you wake up with high BGs in the morning. If and when you experience this there is a fix for it and you can ask if/when that happens to you.

There's a lot more I could share, but that may be enough for now. I have, as
I said had this affliction for 16 years or so. And I am STILL learning new information about diabetes, mainly from the people here.

Please return here to a new online family for inspiration, information and support. There are a lot of people here who do that well.

I pray you find that you do not have diabetes. And I pray that you and yours have a safe, healthy, happy and BLESSED Thanksgiving!


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