Neuropathy feet pain & illness

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This last Saturday I had a 24 hr bug of some kind. Guess being diabetic made things worse. I got up at 8:45 am and felt icky. Went back to bed. Woke up at 12:15 pm and ran to the sink and lost my stomach. In fact I did so four times in the next hour, then mixed it with sitting down on the porcelain throne twice (loosing it at both ends at same time), then sitting down six more times. All this in five hours. Spent two hours on kitchen floor unable to move, couldn't even crawl. Couldn't locate a phone, when I did, it was the one without the phone list. Knew no phone numbers of anybody! My cell phone was upstairs where I couldn't go. Through this whole thing my feet were in constant pain! 1) They were totally numb for both. 2) Each toe felt like a needle was piercing the length of the toe in biting pain! 3) They were ice cold. Now add to this both hands numb, and alternating hots & sweat. About three times almost called for paramedics, but didn't, cause of cost. Finally made it to chair, wrong phone, but I pressed * (star) and called the last call of a number I didn't recognize (in-laws)(curse auto dialing numbers), and told father-in-law to call my wife who was at a shower. Told her please come home "NOW!!! & pick up 2 meds at pharmacy." She did so and one med was tiZANidine HCL 4 mg, which I take twice a day. After taking one pill in 15 min the pain was nearly gone. In an hour the numbness, pain and cold totally gone. I never know what this drug really did, or how effective it is. But wow! Through all this my BG was 155, & don't know what BP was cause I took batteries out of machine for something else and can't remember what I put it in. 24 hrs later I'm fine. Just Drank a lot of water.

So whole point is if your feet are feeling terrible, ask doc for tiZANidine HCL. Perhaps it might help, and cost is very low.

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