The joys of metformin and road trips....

By add_destiny Latest Reply 2011-11-22 17:42:09 -0600
Started 2011-11-20 12:53:09 -0600

Ugh… I keep getting fussed at for the frequent "emergency" stops… Apparently I am a pain to stick to "the schedule" with… :( so embarrassing :x it's not really my fault!!

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add_destiny 2011-11-22 12:31:31 -0600 Report

So embarrassing! Now the problem needs to be solved with gas-x ! Oh well! It works on my sugars and it's getting better. Maybe we should have waited until after my trip to change the dose… Lol. Oh wellll! Thanks for all the support! And no- my husband wasn't joking really- but he doesn't really understand.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-22 14:00:43 -0600 Report

Glad to hear it's getting better. Sorry your husband does not understand. Maybe he needs some education? Send him here, we will educate him!!! LOL JK

MrsCDogg 2011-11-22 12:10:55 -0600 Report

That's the reason I no longer take metformin!! I just couldn't stay out of the restroom. Byetta did the same thing to me! I feel your pain!!

pkwillhoite 2011-11-21 14:32:24 -0600 Report

Any one that has been on Metformin totally understands how you feel…
People can be maen sometimes. Eventually your system gets used toit and you get back to normal… Hope your doing better now…

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-11-21 14:20:10 -0600 Report

Have you tried DEPENDS? LOL! You are right it is a pain. Whoever is making it a problem for you can be taken care of. Slip them a diuretic about 45 minutes before you leave. That will keep them going for 3-4 hours, and you will just be "as long as we are here, I might as well use the facilities".

jayabee52 2011-11-22 17:26:12 -0600 Report

Or she could get him back and feed him a "mudlside". Put melted Ex lax as a topping for Ice cream or mix it into a milkshake just before going on the road.

don't get me started on the ways she could mess with him.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-20 17:21:41 -0600 Report

Sorry to hear that. Would hope the ones that thinks you are a pain would be a little more understanding and supportive. Not knowing the whole story i would hope maybe it was said in jest. If not, tell them to get a life!! Good luck, and i hope your belly starts to feel better soon. God Bless, Mickey

add_destiny 2011-11-20 14:59:52 -0600 Report

Hahaha—- it I only like this when they mess with my dose. It calms down after a week or two. I was on 1500 ml then I got a better A1C- so they took away 500 ml… Then my numbers went crazy- so they put me back on the 1500- my numbers have settled-but not my tummy! ;)

Kirla 2011-11-20 14:32:33 -0600 Report

When I was taking Metformin and other meds I couldn’t be more than 10 seconds from the toilet. Not something I want to ever go threw again. I thought it was going to be this way for the rest of my life. Even thought I would have to start buying the adult diapers. Once I learned to control my blood sugar I found I didn’t need the meds anymore. Having to live with the constant fear of always being near the toilet I no longer have to worry about.

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