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Awhile back, I purchased my very first issue of Diabetic Living from a magazine stand at my local HEB—I have a ton of useful diabetes help books and I'm looking forward to ordering more in the very near future (in my opinion, you can never have too much info); I've decided that I'm going to become a Diabetic Living subscriber indefinitely…now that would make for one terrific Christmas present!! I've thought of choosing something like Cosmoploitan or the Nintendo magazine to join into (I know that despite the fact that none of the two mentioned here have anything to do w/ provideinghelpful diabetes info, they do however share a common goal into being an artcle that one reads to get the latest and most informative insight on certain things) but I've decided that I would let my fiance Shaun take care of the latter for me. My heart belongs to Diabetic Living and I feel that I'm able to gain a lot more insightful, invaluable and deeply informative knowledge into my current situation. I'm very excited to be a part of DL and becoming a Diabetic Living subscriber & the best part? Shaun fully supports my decision 100% (he's my only support system, he deeply cares about me and watches out for my health in regards to my diet & eating habits) w/o any regrets! I don't think that I could have asked for anything better—I would also like to ask if anyone here currently receives a Diabetic Living subscription? If you do, I would deeply appreciate it very much if you could provide some helpful tips/advice of any kind, since this will be my very first magazine subscription devoted exclusively to diabetes. Thanks again for reading this and I'm very grateful that I've joined the Diabetic Connect community…to me, this website has unconditionally and selflessly provided insight, support, understanding, appreciation, love, heart, soul and invaluable friendship to countless individuals who are living/coping with this illness for so long (everyone who has become a member here have also become a profound inspiration in my life today and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart)!

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ilovelife82 2012-01-29 23:06:46 -0600 Report

In February, I plan to purchase a magazine subscription of Diabetic Living and I can't wait until I receive my 1st issue (a wonderful magazine to read & become informed on)!!

pixsidust 2011-11-22 21:35:46 -0600 Report

Anything that inspires you, for health and to be the best you know how,
is worth more than its price…

RosalieM 2011-11-22 15:31:58 -0600 Report

Hi, I am a Diabetes Living subscriber again. Back in 2007, when Diabetes Living
was a new magazine, I was featured in a 10 page spread, in the spring issue. featuring my recipes for food for diabetics. The Editor, production person and
a chef came to my home. Cooked my recipes, took pictures etc. I had to get
a hotel for them. They stayed 3 days. The editor took my husband and I out for dinner before they left. I find the recipes Diabetes Living print often have white flour and sugar in them. These are the two WORST carbohydrates.
It is not difficult to make substitutions with Splenda and whole grain flour with
all it's fiber. I don't know if they don't know how to substitute or what.