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I have insulin leaking from my injection should I try another size needle. It is not just a little bit it is a fair amount, Maybe I am not leaving the needle in long enough? any ideas.

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cavie2 2011-11-19 13:42:17 -0600 Report

Narelle I think you could be right about not leaving it in long enough.
I copied the information below from the internet.

Insulin Dripping from Pen Needle after Injection, or Insulin Leakage at Injection

If insulin leaks from the pen or from your skin after you remove the needle from the injection site, you may not be leaving the needle under the skin long enough. It is a good practice to count slowly to 10 before withdrawing the needle. Even after counting to 10, you might still see a very small acount of leakage at times. Research has shown that there may be a very small amount of leakage after withdrawing a needle. However, the amount is minimal and does not appear to affect blood sugar control.*

You may also not be pinching up the skin correctly. Make sure that you release the pinch before you remove the needle from the skin.

Also, never carry a pen with the needle attached - this causes air to enter the cartridge, slowing the time it will take for you to get your insulin dose.