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I hope if anyone looks at my pics that they do not consider the drawings to be offensive or depicting nudity, because that is not the case; these are a few pictures depicting my book "The Use Of Abuse" and I have drawn the through PTSD and the total recall; of an event that is used in my book; sorry if anyone is offended; if anyone wants them removed, I totally understand. Just let me know.

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GabbyPA 2008-11-02 07:14:11 -0600 Report

I find art a wonderful way to convey feelings. I used to draw my darker moods on paper, and then burn them. Watch them disapear. I found it very theraputic. I try not to obsess with that side of my character, I found it could be very overbearing. Once I enter that place, I can fall out of control very fast. It is a palce I do not like to visit often.

I went thru all of your pics and am amazed at the beauty of where you live and play. How wonderful. I miss being out in the mountains. I have not seen one since last year in the Adarondack Mountains in NY. My husband and I want to move into the North Carolina one day...Maybe we will be neighbors.

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