Urinary Incontinence

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I have had problems with incontinence for about 5 years, and FINALLY discovered a relief for me - no caffeine. I was having problems with caffeine and breasts, so my GYN told me to avoid all caffeine for 3 months and have another mammogram. After being caffeine free for just 2 days I noticed a big decrease in the number of incidents and the amount per incident. I did not change the amount of liquid I drank, just the amount of caffeine I consumed. If by accident I order a caffeinated drink at a restaurant I can tell within just a few hours. I certainly hope this can help someone else, because I am thrilled not to have to wear paper underwear any more!

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jayabee52 2011-11-17 02:36:47 -0600 Report

That's really GREAT Patty that you found the cause of your incontinence.

I also have incontinence but I do not drink anything with caffine in it. I drink water only! Mine is due to my prostate gland being enlarged, and I also have a neurogenic bladder, so the urine flow comes when it comes.

I wish my problem would be as simple to correct

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