You Can Never Be Too Cautious

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If you are in fear of some of the worst outcomes from diabetes; health issues she be discussed with community and doctor on how to better prevent yourself from further complications with your illness. Because there are many diseases that can occur because of your sugar levels and your diabetes. Don't be afraid to arm yourself with all the information you need; An ounce of prevention and all that.
There is much more knowledge about how to protect ourselves than there was say 5-10 years ago; everyday we learn something new.
I saw the post about amputations and that is what prompted this post because it is a severe problem and obvious fear for most; but this can be prevented with the proper precautions too, cover your feet (not just your feet are an issue however; as far as infection) but, look for changes, infections, etc. to feet and any cuts on your body; because of circulation problems that may occur with sugar levels. So address the infections immediately, and if they appear worse, or don't look right at all, call your doctor immediately. But remember; good protective footwear can be critical for the proper care of your feet, and don't run around barefoot; eesp outside. And if you have other symptoms that you question, don't be afraid to bring it up in a discussion; remember we are here, and we don't judge.

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I agree that there is much more info available to us than there was years ago. I have lost 3 family members because of Diabetes, but the true cause was their failure to follow the dr orders. One of them had amputations, and still would not medicate or change diets.

I know that it is a huge change for some people and that the longer you have lived a certain lifestyle it is harder to change, but if it a choice between keeping yourself healthy I think there is no question.

This site provides so much support for both the diabetic and the caretakers, and I have seen posts where everyone is sharing not only experience, but also mdeical information. If anyone is in doubt and not sure what to do with a situation, this site is the place to ask. We are all here to learn and help and listen, and no one should be putting themselves in danger. Reaching out can be hard, but everyone should do it here.