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(11-2-08) today not been a good day n i could use a good friend to talk. my wife and i got into a fight n i said n did something that i regrate. im confused and feel really bad about it. my sugar was and became even higher which did help matters at all. dont know what to do or think.

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momoftype1 2008-11-02 10:48:39 -0600 Report

I am sure we can all relate to emotions causing us to say things we shouldn't. I find that if you take some time after the discussion to talk It can be very beneficial. Another thing that is very important is using "I statements" regarding how you feel. Many of us get into frustrated and/or angry places and like to point fingers at the other person when many times the issue is our personal emotions and our inabilaty to communicate them.

With my daughter I find that when she is high or low she can become irrational when trying to have a discussion, and I always suggest that she test before we go any further.

Learning to understand and communicate our feelings can be a great step in helping our relationships, and helping your wife to understand some of the effects that diabletes has on you should help as well.

I wish you luck, and will pray for you. Take some quiet time to think before you talk, and maybe even write down the things you want to discuss-it helps stay on target.


GabbyPA 2008-11-02 06:51:03 -0600 Report

I just went thru this with a friend of mine yesterday. I got frutstrated and though we didn't fight, I know that I upset her with my frustrations. The best thing I have found it to apologize, explain, and move on.

I was so upset at myself yesterday for hurting my friend that I did a tail I asked my hubby for a foot rub, went to bed early and resolved that today would be a better day.

Unfortunately, we have more days like this than some people, but as long as you can find your trigger, you can stop it before it gets out of control and unrepairable.

Like Avera said, sit down and talk with her. I have had this talk with my husband and though it doesn't prevent the mood swings or arguments, it does let him know that it is not always "me" talking when we have our moments. Sometimes it is me, but not usually. LOL

2008-11-02 06:08:23 -0600 Report

Also; I do not know if you know that mood swings and depression play a great deal as symptoms of diabetes and blood sugar levels. Maybe you can use this in your explanation if you don't know why you reacted as you did; and maybe neither of you are aware that this, indeed, is part of the illness. Maybe, If you really have a problem, ;you can have her read your discussion and replies. I know this because my husband (diabetic type 2) was so even mooded and mild, and I noticed how all of a sudden he would snap; did some research and found out that it was because of the diabetes and the up and downs of his levels.

Avera 2008-11-02 01:36:11 -0500 Report

The best advice I can offer is that you just sit down and talk with your wife. Talk about you both. Talk about what stress can do and does to you both. Don't go to bed angry. Don't be afraid to say "I am sorry." Don't be afraid to say, "I was wrong. " Ask for her help and tell her that you need her and love her. I just give this advice because it would be what I would want to happen.

This is just my opinion and I am not an authority.