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Every since I was diagnosed I have a tremendous feer of my foot getting cut off as I used to work with a guy who had Diabetes and he had to get his foot cut off. Is this something that is inevedible?

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No, this is not inevitable unless you don't take the proper precautions, which first and foremost; keep feet covered, clean and dry. Any cuts, tend to immediately; if need further assistance because it is not healing; contact your doctor immediately. They know a lot more now than ten years ago, when my mother went through this, and, unfortunately she was not aware of what we know now, so she went through several amputations; my husband, however; who now has type2 knows and remembers all this but is still not concerned about the possibilities; and is not being precautious; especially with his footwear and his job duties; he needs to step up and wear desired footwear for engineers and industries that work hard outdoors.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-11-02 02:47:39 -0600 Report

Not all diabetics become amputees. Alot of amputations are due to poor circulation. I am an amputee. Mine started out with like dry skin and a poditrist kept scraping at it. Sent me for water therapy. I was on 2 years of home IV antibiotic. I got an infection called psnedomontous and its a really bad infection. I couldn't get rid of it. My MD advised me to get the amputation so I can get off IV's and live a normal life. I don't think it all started from diabetes. I feel it started from the podiatrist working on me in an unsterile room in his office. All diabetic should have procedures done in the OR where it is sterile 24/7. MD offices are not scrubbed down after every patient . Also keep good control of your Blood Sugars. Only you can control diabetes, don't let diabetes control you!

Avera 2008-11-02 01:40:28 -0500 Report

NO! This is a complication of diabetes. It does not happen to everyone. I offer the same advice. Keep your diabetes under control and do everything that your doctor tells you to do. We all fear things about the disease, even just the everyday care of ourselves scares us all at times. Hang in there and do some online research about this. Also, talk to your doctor about your fears.

Bluebutterfly 2008-11-01 20:30:30 -0500 Report

I don't think everone has that problem. I think if you keep your numbers in check,and take all precautions with your feet then you probably won't ever come to that.I am just saying my opinion, I don't really know.I hope this helps some.

jc2436 2008-11-01 21:37:30 -0500 Report

Do you have any loss of sensation in either foot ? The biggest risk is injuring your foot and not realizing it. Some people develop gangrene after an injury. When it cannot be treated it requires an amputation.

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