Any food oddities for anyone out there?

By RebC Latest Reply 2011-11-17 23:20:13 -0600
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Just thought I would see if anyone has weird food things like me… For example, I can't eat bananas at all…my sugars shoot through the roof, no matter how much insulin I give; I can eat 5 grapefruits without giving a drop of insulin, and my blood sugars stay the same; oddly, diet grapefruit soda (i.e. Original Fresca) lowers my blood sugar a considerable amount. I'd love to hear your food oddities too!

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jayabee52 2011-11-17 23:20:13 -0600 Report

All of us People with Diabetes (PWDs) have different reactions to the same foods or drinks. That's why I urge folks to test their BG when starting a new food. It may seem to be low carb to some, but for others it may spike them.

I just this morning tried a new variety of orange (they were out of my clementines) so I tested it to see if it raised my BG too much. Fortunately it only raised my BG 15 points. Not bad at all.

annesmith 2011-11-15 23:45:18 -0600 Report

Yes——-bananas make my sugar go through the roof, too. I go into the 400s with those. Orange juice with high pulp raises my blood sugar significantly, but orange juice that is watered down with zero pulp LOWERS me —-if I ate a big meal before the watered down O.J. , it'll lower my blood sugars by about 30 points. If I eat a big McDonalds breakfast, with O.J., I will stay in the 200s all day long. If I eat too little for breakfast, then too little in the evening, I will FALL ever so LOW—-and have a diabetic seizure in the middle of the night—-I never forget breakfast anymore…I have learned my lesson—-ha, ha. Cigarettes—-believe it or not , RAISE my blood sugar—-YEP—-that should make you laugh—ha, ha…though I have cut back, and my goal is to quite, nicotine raises me way way up. I do not drink. Cereal with milk raises me way way up. Skim milk LOWERS me VERY uncomfortably—-anything that has zero fat, and zero cholesterol lowers me too low, BUT, that is only when I have the skim milk on an empty stomach. COFFEE——raises me WAY the heck up—-especially with creamer and sugar, HOWEVER, if it is HIGH ACID coffee, and I drink too much, with zero creamer and sugar, it'll lower me like no tomorrow…that's why I never ever drink coffee on an empty stomach like I used to——it tears up the whole system, and found out through a good doctor that high acid STRONG black coffee in high doses literally CONFUSES the pancreas, resulting in the shakes, panic attacks, and the pancreas draws a BIG question mark then…so, I never do this anymore—-I have my 2 cups of moderate black coffee with creamer and sugar every morning, and it raises me way up——-some people have criticized me for the creamer and sugar and my response is: I am human…ha, ha…ANNE

russellstamets 2011-11-14 18:39:06 -0600 Report

My food oddity is animal saturated fat, including dairy. It' strange. If I have pot roast, BS spikes. But if I grill the beef or pork, no problem. Plant saturated fats are no problem. I've only found one study mentioning it, and it says caffeine makes it worse, so except for a morning cup, it's gone too.

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