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I had some trouble with my computer and had to save to get a new one so ive been gone a little while but I got another computer and Im back now and happy to be back. I missed you family and I wanted to say hello to everyone!

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tissarose 2011-11-17 11:34:27 -0600 Report

Hi, Im pretty new here. I am prediabetic and my sister is type2 on insulin. I have gotten lots of info and encouragement here on DC. looking forward to knowing you!

realsis77 2011-11-17 14:24:25 -0600 Report

hi ive been here at dc for about two years now. ive even got a founders badge :) but my computer broke so i was gone for a few months. its very nice to meet you . this is a GERAT PLACE FOR SUPPORT I llove this site. looking foward to knowing you!

Nonna2Three 2011-11-14 18:32:27 -0600 Report

Glad you got a new system and are up and running gain. I'm currently using an old system that I borrowed from the grandkids room because mine died.

Do you hate changing computers as much as I hate it? I hate having to try to rebuild what feels comfortable to me. Sadly I will have to do just that, one day soon . . . when Dell ever gets me a replacement system for mine that died - died dead, as in will not boot at all. And it is only 1.5 years old.

Dell shipped out 2 different sets of replacement parts, neither of which fixed it and finally agreed to just replace the system under warranty, but . . and that is a very big but, but they don't even have a ship date on the replacement system. They say there is a shortage of necessary parts due to flooding in Thailand. I accused them of giving my case a low priority because it is a warranty case and said if I was buying a new system and sending them money for it that I bet they could find parts. But that probably isn't true, especially since I know someone who's mother ordered a new Dell last week and was given a 6 week estimate on her new system being shipped.

But, I should be glad I have access to this one, at least I am not completely dead in the water. It is a slow computer, but better than no computer.

realsis77 2011-11-17 11:34:30 -0600 Report

hi well guess what? i actually found a refirbished dell computer online from ebay for only 169!!!!!!!!its in wonderful condition and its got a new keyboard, all clean system and i got a year warantee on it!! if your interested il give you the name of the buy it now company i used, just let me know. i was totally shocked at how nice it was!!! it plays DVDs, comes with the windows XP disk, everything!!! :)

Nonna2Three 2011-11-17 12:47:43 -0600 Report

Thanks, but I am expecting a new system from Dell - this one was still under warranty so I should not have to buy a replacement, even with a super price. Glad you found a good BIN merchant though - sounds like the price can't be beat! :)