How to Reduce Insulin Resistance and Manage Blood Sugar

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I found and am copying and pasting from this website:

Insulin Levels and Vitamin K – “Vitamin K - a nutrient found in Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and dark leafy greens - helps keep insulin levels in check.”
How To Reduce Insulin Levels with high intensity exercise – Only 15 minutes of high-intensity exercise, three days a week for at least two weeks is all that is needed to reduce blood-sugar levels and risk of diabetes.
Insulin Production and Fiber - Fiber may reduce insulin production in those at risk for diabetes – Eating high fiber foods such as fortified cereals and have been shown to help manage insulin production in men with high insulin levels. This suggests that fiber and foods containing fiber could be a simple and effective treatment for those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And for those with low insulin levels who are wanting to know how to increase insulin production, it may even be among the few easy ways to increase insulin naturally with your diet alone.
Reverse Insulin Resistance With Citrus Peel Extract - New research reported by Rachel Li indicates that citrus peel extract containing polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) may help prevent diabetes… the results suggest that that a daily supplement of citrus peel extract could be a way how to improve insulin resistance and in at risk patients for developing diabetes.
Improve Insulin Sensitivity with ALA - Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) plays a fundamental role in converting glucose to energy. Stephan Jacob, MD, of the University of Tübingen, Germany, described his recent study of 74 diabetics given at least 600 mg of ALA supplements daily. The ALA stimulated insulin activity, which safely lowered and stabilized glucose levels. The best food source of ALA are green leafy vegetables like spinach or collard greens.
Resistance Training Combined with Aerobic Training Improves Insulin Sensitivity – “The improved insulin sensitivity is related to loss of abdominal subcutaneous and visceral AT and to increased muscle density.”
Limit your Diet to Low-Glycemic-Index Foods - “Some research indicates that using a low-glycemic-index diet can help to reduce insulin insensitivity and improve the regulation of glucose metabolism.”
Eat Chromium To Reduce Insulin Resistance – “This mineral plays an important role in your glucose metabolism, has shown to improve the conditions associated with diabetes, and can help decrease insulin resistance. In simple form, the chromium mineral helps to escort the glucose from the bloodstream and into the cells of the body… Foods that are rich in chromium include ham, turkey, grape juice as well as whole grain cereals and various breads.” Basically this is just another good way how to lower insulin resistance with your diet.
Yoga Might Help In Lowering Blood Sugar Levels – “People under stress have elevated blood sugar levels… [yoga may be one good way how to lower insulin levels and blood sugar because] asanas and meditation relax patients.”
Use Turmeric In All of Your Cooking Endeavors – Dr. Drew Tortoriello found through published research that daily intake of curcumin via the common spice Turmeric “could nicely complement our traditional therapies [for people with diabetes] as a natural and safe treatment [to improve blood-sugar control]." Additionally, studies have shown that turmeric fights many diseases and cancers, especially when it is prepared with black pepper.
Sleep Habits and Insulin Resistance – Develop a routine, healthy sleeping pattern. “Routinely missing out on a few nights of good sleep increases your risk for type-2 diabetes. Deep, restorative sleep, also called slow-wave sleep, is important for regulating blood sugar.”
UPDATE 7/10/2009: Heartstrong just posted on reducing insulin resistance this morning and identified the blood sugar moderating benefits of cinnamon and how they help to manage insulin resistance. I thought it was timely and relevant so I figured it belonged on this list as number 12.

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