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As we approach Thanksgiving and count the good things in our lives, what about having diabetes can we be thankful for? This may sound like an odd question because we are so busy dealing with the challenges it brings into our lives, but has it also brought good things?

My list includes: learning more about eating healthy and good foods, taking better care of myself, implementing exercise for health benefits as well as fun, learning to reduce my stress through chiropractic, massage, and meditation, taking time for myself each and every day, looking for the beauty around me, improving my sleep patterns, seeing the good things that make my life meaningful more clearly, meeting many helpful people on this site, and forming new friendships that will be lifelong,

Could I have done all this without Diabetes? Sure, but would I have? This disease makes us think and act, if we want to live. For me, that is sure a big motivator! Anyone willing to share their list of "goodies"?

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MewElla 2011-11-14 21:44:48 -0600 Report

Being diagnosed with Diabetes almost 2 years ago was a wakeup call for me personally. From that day forward, I have made my health a priority. All other activities in my life come in second, after I have done my daily exercising. In order for me to keep control I have not missed a single day of walking, after all, my life depends on it..I am diet/exercise controlled, no meds or insulin. I have learned how to shop better, reading the labels and making the right food choices.I am more aware that stress is not healthy and find the walking really reduces this in my life. Very active in music, volunteering, Church, family and friends. This creates a balance in my life, I feel better, sleep better and enjoy the simple beauty of life all around me. I am thankful I have learned to make much better choices for myself, because it is a combination of everything that makes my blood glucose #'s good when I test 3 or 4 times a day. Surrounding myself with a super network of support, such as all the wonderful friends here on DC have made a huge difference in my life.
So, without a doubt, onThanksgiving Day, I am thankful I had a second chance to really stop and take care of myself…and this probably would not have happened had I not gotten serious about diabetes.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-14 19:04:23 -0600 Report

I really have to agree with you! I knew these changes need to be made, but probably would not have done it if not for D. You really gain some insight and clarity when faced with a disease/condition that alters your life!

I am also very thankful for my family and the gift of my goddaughter(niece) into our lives. I feel very blessed to have the love of my family and their support through all this. I also have some pretty groovy friends! I only have a few( i have been burned by people many times), but they are quality friends!

I am also very thankful for this site! I am so blessed to have this place to come to and "talk" with people who are going thru alot of the same things.


Caroltoo 2011-11-14 19:10:03 -0600 Report

Thanks, Mickey. Diabetes does make us take a hard look at our values and choices and spurs us to new growth!! Painful way to learn, but good to learn!!

RebC 2011-11-13 21:31:02 -0600 Report

I like your list Caroltoo! I think an all-encompassing thing that I am thankful for (which really could include your whole list LOL) is being more self-aware. What I eat, the exercise I get, how I feel, etc…It's nice to feel so in control of my life. And I can't reply to this without saying I am thankful for my family who is so supportive, my doctors who have been so helpful, and my kids who I wouldn't have had without them. :)