What is 'in control'?

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Hi, I have a question here, but I feel the need to get my story out and wonder if anyone else has had the same frustrations in dealing with their healthcare teams.

I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes 3 years ago by my family doctor - I was 42. He put me on oral meds and sent me to a class. It was very depressing because everything they talked about changing with regard to nutrition and excercise were all lifestyle changes that I had made years previously. So I tried to be as stringent as possible on food and excercised even more than I had before - it took over my entire life and was all that I did, but my numbers still weren't going down. I then went to an Endo who then diagnosed me with Type 1 and not Type 2. He put me on insulin things improved some, but they were still messing around with my dosages when his practice moved. I ended up with my family doctor again who once again told me you are not type 1 you are just type 2 that needs insulin. I was getting frustrated and confused and my numbers started climbing again, I was getting no real direction on how to determine dosages other than x amount per meal which never made sense to me - if I am higher before I eat than another time shouldn't the dosage change. I found another endo a couple of weeks ago and went to him - he was about to radically change my plan and take me off insulin until I mentioned that I really wasn't sure what Type I was. He ordered some tests, said to stay with what I was doing, but did give me a sliding scale for dosing. His test results also indicate that I am Type 1 so I am staying on the insulin. I am going to find another family physician as a result of this and am hopeful maybe now I will see some positive change.

I am still frustrated with the whole 'keep your diabetes in control' comments that are made. What does that really mean? My blood sugar numbers really are all over the map and can easily have 200 points difference between my high and low for a given day.

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TsalagiLenape 2011-11-21 05:45:01 -0600 Report

You do your best to be "in control" of your diabetes. Yet it seems that the doctors are all confusing you. The best bet is to switch doctors and go from there. In time I am sure you will do better. I wish you the best and good luck with what you are doing. For it sounds like to me you are one strong person and those doctors had best treat you accordingly or you will give them whatfor! LOL Hugs

annesmith 2011-11-21 01:32:15 -0600 Report

I forgot to ask you——How did you manage to do the type 2 plan they had for you, when you were type 1 all along? I bet you were lucky you did not go into a coma or related then. I was just curious, as I have gone 2 years without insulin…felt like crap, but, did it…I just can't understand why people like you and me have to go through this…is there some kind of CURSE we are under in which satan says to us " You will NEVER get a consistent diagnosis…you will be under MY reign for life…" HA, HA, HA…I thought I would add a little humor to all of this…seriously, I still wonder on most days now, why some of us have such bad luck with getting the correct diagnoses as to the type of diabetes that we have…I realize diabetes is diabetes, but, to not be given the correct diagnoses on the type, is basically almost sheer hell…because, here you were told you are a type 2, and I gather ( I could be wrong here) from what you told me that you were type 1 that whole time, so, I wonder how in God's given name you did not go unconscious , or die with the zero insulin …it must have been then that your body suffered a great great amount until you got the insulin you needed. So, ONE doctor said you were type 2, then the next one said you were type 1, then you ended up back with the first one, and he said to you " You are just a type 2 that needs insulin." Wasn't he afraid you would die by him changing his diagnoses BACK to type 2? Seriously, I am just really really wondering. Then, in my case, I was told " You are type 2 brittle, but maybe type 1." Then, the office rejects me —-saying I can no longer see that internist because I don't have health insurance…then, they stick me with a physicians assistant who says to me " I disagree completely with that internist—-we will SEE how right he is." Then, I leave them…hospital almost admits me for ketoacidosis more than once…they find several red flags and say no way on type 2…then, by accident another internist discovers bruises all over my veins and he guarantees me they are from years of diabetic seizure from type 1 diabetes, then, a clinic says " You are not diabetic at all." HUH…am I mad? I was, but at this point, FRUSTRATED…sorry to go on…write me back…ANNE

annesmith 2011-11-21 01:15:27 -0600 Report

Yes…my numbers can easily have 200 points or more difference between my high and low for a given day. In fact, it's a given with me. On a good day, I will have 175-200 point difference, maybe 100 point difference. You would think that all the doctors/endos that you had seen would automatically see this and say " Type 1". I say this because every type 2 I have ever talked to told me they rarely see this…as, they average maybe a 50-75 point difference every day. I had no idea how complex and eratic my numbers were, as in, I kept track of my wide range for the last 7-8 years, but I thought those were regular type 2 numbers…they are not I found out. I hope you can get your situation the way you need it, and I honestly feel for you. I finally found an excellent doctor 7 weeks ago, and he is not yet open for more patients, but, he asked me what my typical range is every day, and I told him " 83-600"—-he about DROPPED his pen and clipboard he had in his hand. He scratched his head, his jaw dropped to the ground, and he said " That is WAY out of control…poorly controlled"—-I agreed with him. I have walked and run and been in athletics all my life. No, I am not a perfect eater, but considering the whole picture, he was astounded. He said he has NEVER ever ever had a type 2 patient with that wide of a range, but he also said he has NEVER ever ever had a type 1 patient with some of my low A1cs…he then, paused, and wrote down I need insulin after meals everyday at minimum…he didn't have time to give me his diagnosis on my type, but it's getting to the point now where I am just tempted to let them write down " TYPE UNKNOWN…needs insulin after meals." I don't want to go against the test where I tested positive for type 1 though…2 internist and the hospital guaranteed me I am type 1 over the last 9 years…then 1 internist said I was severe severe brittle type 2, but was ready to change his mind, and 1 clinic said " Not diabetic at all" after they lost my medical records FOUR times, so, I hate to say it, but I believe myself to be a lower end type 1…Everytime I had insulin, I had not felt that good for over 20 years…and the first time I had it, my blood sugar had soared to 701, now, HOW I have gone 2 years without it does not line up with type 1, but I have had several diabetic seizures and seen angels many times over the last 2 years…the low A1cs? —-combination of factors, including internal bleeding..but, many doctors would draw a big question mark on that one…HOW I had an A1c of 8, 16, 5.9, etc I cannot explain fully…ANNE

kimcavett 2011-11-14 17:16:06 -0600 Report

I feel same way. Frustrated. They claim to care about you. But can only give basic orders. No directions at all. I start diabetic counciling tomorrow. This comes after almost ten yrs of fighting with drs.

annesmith 2011-11-14 00:12:25 -0600 Report

Yes…I am begging you to write me back…I am in a very very similar situation…an internist and the hospital said I was type 1 ate age 26, but the Metformin another internist tried me on my pancreas rejected—-I've never been the same since…it almost killed me. Now, over the past 4 years, I have struggled to raise my A1c, had insulin in the E.R., and responded beautifully to that…however, now my A1c is too low——weird…real weird…in the meantime, even though my A1c is low, my range everyday is all over the map—-it has been for years…I am very brittle——-very tired, with current A1c only 5.9 again…yes, that sounds like a perfect number, but I feel bad at that number—-like I am flying on a plane that is too low——I don't understand why I have to go through all of this…I honestly don't understand it, but I realize it is not God's fault, so I pray really hard to him every night…huh——I went to a free clinic 3 months ago, got a really good doctor, and he said " OH, my GOD"—-I said " What?" He said " I have practiced diabetes for years, and NEVER seen a type 2 that oscilates between 83 and 600-700, but I also have never seen a type 1 that ever has an A1c of 5.9"—-WONDERFUL—-I tested positive for the antibodies type 1 test a long time ago—-my C-peptide showed barely type 1——-GOD, I am SO tired of this——seriously, my numbers are always between 83 and 600-700 everyday—-that's not normal…glad I am only 41, and not 81. I am pretty mad because I have diabetic seizures , YET, 2 out of three doctors guaranteed me I am type 1—-then, over last 4 years I feel like crap at an A1c of 5.9——even 5.3 at times—it's been an 8 before, then at one point another diabetic test translated my a1c over to a 16——-I'm tired, just dogged tired. I was actually told I have 2 types of diabetes by another really good internist—-I honestly believe in my heart I have both types, which is a big old pain in the rear——in the meantime, I struggle with highs everyday in the 500s, then different lows of 83, 53…it's not normal…there is no way a typical type 2 would range like this around the clock…then I had a JERK of a doctor at a home health clinic turn a complete blind eye to it all, and he said " This is a joke—you claiming you are a type 1—you are not even diabetic"—-I knew he was completely wrong, and very cruel, so, I walked out on him—-on my way out he said " Go ahead if you want to—go ahead and go back to the internist that is treating you like you are someone you are not"——write me back—-sincerely, ANNE

Aniyahchoute 2016-08-25 18:04:37 -0500 Report

I am a type one very brittle Diabetic with seizures as well my blood sugar ranges from 350-25 and that's when I'm testing and taking good care of myself if I do not take my seizure pills I'd be gone forever it hurts

RebC 2011-11-13 21:44:35 -0600 Report

I feel for you Sherrenae!The time initially after diagnoses is confusing enough without throwing in a conflicting doctor's opinion! I agree with Type1Lou…it's pretty clear you are type 1 if two tests proved it so. So now it is just figuring out your correct dosages, which is different for everyone. I use Lantus (18u at night) and Novalog (1u for every 12 carbs I eat, and a correction factor of 1u for every 40 points I am over 100).

In control, for me, means keeping my blood sugars between 60 and 110. That's extremely tight control, but it's what the doc ordered while I'm pregnant, and I'm happy to do it! It sounds like you *may* need to increase your long-acting insulin, if your blood sugars are fluctuating that much. I know that's usually what I do, but I would talk to your doctor about it.

annesmith 2011-11-14 00:14:12 -0600 Report

Yes…this is Anne—long acting insulin worked super super good on me…I am just no on insulin everyday right now—-I'm basically a mess…my left foot for 4 months has been ulcerated—I have terrible inflammation throughout my entire body everyday, and early heart disease…ANNE

RebC 2011-11-14 09:35:02 -0600 Report

Hi annesmith! I'm confused. Long-acting insulin works well, but you are not currently taking any insulin?! If you are a diagnosed Type 1 diabetic, and it sounds like you are, I would definitely talk your doctor (maybe the NICE one…if you have a nice one) into prescribing insulin. There's really no other way to control blood sugars without it.

Ulcers? Heart disease? My dear, you really need a good endocrinologist to help you!

annesmith 2011-11-20 02:26:38 -0600 Report

Yes…I agree with you completely…I failed to explain that whenever they see any of my low a1Cs at ALL, they say no insulin, then, what happens is , I continue to spike into the 500s and 600s and keytones after eating everyday, and the hospital confirmed several times that they found the same numbers…the hospital has always found all of this…then, when I go to a doctor, the doctor says " I don't want to focus on the hospital, as the hospitals cannot diagnose." Then, eventually, I land back in the emergency room again—about 4 times a year, with diagnosed serious signs of ketoacidosis, and they ask me who my regular doctor is…At the risk of sounding overly negative, frustrated is not the word for how I feel after going through this for the last 4 years. The hospital told me they are madder than the dickens at my last 2 doctors I tried over the last 4 years…I agree with them every time. I finally found an excellent doctor 7 weeks ago, he said I needed insulin after meals, I agreed with him, but he said he's not open for new patients…he is overbooked…heck of a nice doctor. I'm getting closer. I am not demanding huge amounts of insulin, just feel I definitely need it after meals. I have a left foot that's been ulcerated for 4 months…got new diabetic shoes last week and am happy with that, but , nevertheless, I walk and run 5 days a week, always have all my life, but, if I am spiking THAT high and I walk and run, then, it's time for a little bit of insulin to stabilize me…that's all I expect…I don't expect any doctor to be perfect…I am just astounded at the bad luck I have had with the new ones I tried …just beyond disappointed and hurt. I will stay focused on the positive, and I apoligize if I sounded so negative. Too bad the doc 7 weeks ago could not take me, but it's a sign to me I'm getting closer to getting a consistent endo. One thing I remind myself of is NOT to accept a new doctor that will underdiagnose me…that'd be the worst mistake I could make…I have to think about my limbs, and my vision, and my bad teeth. I have lucked out on my eyes—I have suffered from very blurred and/or distorted vision for years when my blood sugars would rise, but the last time I saw my opthomologist, he said my eyes looked excellent still…thank GOD. However, my dentist said my gum line looks really really really bad…it does not line up, parts of it have lost complete support, and I have had several cavities in the last 20 years, and he said the roof of my mouth showed years of untreated diabetes—-he found sugar stars just completely covering the entire roof of my mouth…what that is is years of sugar eating away at the lining of the mouth, and deeper down inside of it…I am glad I am only 41 years old…just going to stay focused on the positive and my youth…thank you again for listening, and have a good night!!!!——Hope all is going well with you!!!!——-sincerely, ANNE

annesmith 2011-11-20 01:43:10 -0600 Report

Hi…this is Anne again…I had written you on Nov 14th. I forgot to tell you that the hospital guaranteed me I am a classic type 1 more than once, then, I went to find a doctor, found one, and he laughed at me when I told him what the hospital said. I can't believe it. He wanted to RETEST me for diabetes altogether…I walked out on him. Then, I went to retrieve the record of the internist that diagnosed me with type 1 when I was 26 , and the record was LOST!!!!! At this point, I was so frustrated and hurt that I hesitated to see any doctor for a long time…I just went to walk - in clinics for colds and stuff. The hospital I go to would not lie, and I am positive the internist when I was 26 years old would not lie. After another year and a half, I went to a health care doctors office, told them of my situation, told them I had insulin in the emergency room twice, they set me up with a doctor, said he was an outstanding doctor with diabetes and most anything. I went to that appointment ( this was a year ago), he walks in, I told him of my situation, he said " Okay, bring in all your records the next time I see you, and if you need insulin I'll give it to you." The next appointment, he said he reviewed my records, laughed at me too, and said " You are not even pre-diabetic." I was astounded…I said " Wait a minute—-I gave the front office people 4 copies of my diagnosed diabetes , which was diagnosed SEVERE BRITTLE at minimum, and you are telling me I am not diabetic at all?" He then said " DON'T know what you are talking about on that record." He then deliberately, and I mean DELIBERATELY pulled out my bill, said " I am busy today…I'd be glad to start you on over and run more tests, but, you aren't even diabetic and I honestly don't know why you think you are." I said " Stop…this is crazy…I asked you if you read the diagnosis…why are you trying to evade me?" He shrugged and said " I know of that doctor, and I can't stand him…if you want to be treated like someone you are not, then, so be it.." I was so mad and hurt I could hardly speak. He also asked me " How much money do you have in your savings account? Because I am really suffering…" Sorry, but that is terrible!!!! So, that was a year ago, I had long acting insulin in the emergency room in 2009—-I FINALLY found an excellent doctor at a better clinic…he said that with my sugars oscilatting every day between 83 and 600, that he has NEVER in all his years practicing diabetes seen a type 2 that ranges like that. However, my A1c DROPPED down to 5.9 at some point, and he said " I have also NEVER had a type 1 patient with an A1c of 5.9." He then scratched his head—he was nice—-and he wrote down " Needs insulin after meals at minimum "—-TYPE UNKNOWN I gather is what he feels…I feel I am headed in more positive direction now…he however, is not open for new patients, because he's all booked up. I tested positive for the antibodies test , C-peptide said I was type 1, but barely—-not that I want to be diabetic at all, but, I just keep PRAYING everyday that I can keep getting closer to a regular doctor. I am so darned frustrated, but I honestly know God is with me and everybody all the way…it's just that I wish to God I could get on with that doctor, but currently cannot…I feel as though I have been CURSED for not getting a doctor. I guess it could be worse—I have gone 4 years without a regular doctor, not 10 years or whatever, but, it really hurts. I am just going to keep praying …that's all I can do. I know my A1c has always dropped when I have had internal bleeding, not enough to eat in the evening, and anything extreme in that direction. I do not appreciate any doctor that laughs at me…I have always had utmost respect for all doctors. I don't understand it…why does the process of finding a regular , consistent endo or even a general practitioner have to be such a long process? Is it THAT bad out there nowadays? The copy I have of my last internist 4 years ago that diagnosed me specifically is HIGHLIGHTED " Past history of brittle diabetes—-type 2 at minimum—severe brittle…current type ?" What MORE do they want? Thank you for listening to me vent…sorry if I went on…if you have time, write me back…just glad I found the nice doctor about 7 weeks ago…too bad he is not open for patients…sincerely, ANNE

annesmith 2011-11-14 16:19:13 -0600 Report

Thank you!!!!——-I got by without insulin when I had lost 2 pints of blood from bleeding ulcer—-it set me SO low, between that and the Metformin which my pancreas rejected, I was in a LOW STATE for about a year and a half, 2 years—-I don't talk much about my diabetes anymore, as I am pretty bitter I have had bad luck with doctors and other—-I will stay focused on the positive, but, I have gone through LISTS of endos over the last year, and the closest one is at LEAST 40 minutes away—-my new solution is to just go ahead and drive out of town then..there goes my mileage on my car, as it is 13 years old——-thank you again——-yeah, I had insulin again about 3 times in addition to what I told you, but, I am so dogged tired of people not believing all this, that , it just gets downright depressing—-I know things will work their way out——thank you again——ANNE

MEGriff1950 2011-11-13 18:26:41 -0600 Report

Hello Sherrenae, I am a type 2. I have a cousin who is on the insulin pump and loves it. He keeps close watch of his food with his wife's awesome help. He makes sure he eats at the same time every day. Even with these tight measures for controlling his blood sugars they do sometimes go out of whack.
Good luck finding a pcp who will pay attention. When a prefessional is not doing their job correctly it is time to find a new one.

Kirla 2011-11-13 17:01:48 -0600 Report

In control just means you keep your blood sugar between certain numbers. It’s not the same for everyone. Doctors don’t like for type 1 people to try and keep their blood sugar too low in fear of going low. Having low blood sugar isn’t good. For most diabetics going below 70 is considered low. I have been as low as 57 and didn’t worry about it. I think my panic time will be if I drop lower than 50. My range I like to keep my blood sugar is between 60 and 120 most of the time. Lately it’s been a little higher but most of the time I keep it below 140, 1 hour after eating. Approximately 1 hour after eating is when blood sugar will peak for a lot of people. If your type 1 using insulin where you keep your numbers when in control might be different from mine. Anyway for most people staying in control will mean fasting and before eating is nice to be between 90-110 and 1 hour after eating less than 180 and less than 140, 2 hours after eating. Going over 200 isn’t good. This is something your doctor should have discussed with you. Not a lot of diabetics have great control so don’t think you’re the only one. Some people do everything right and get control very quick and some people never get good control. Were all different. I found drinking lots of water and eating lots of low carb vegetables and cutting back and eliminating high carb starchy foods helped a lot in controlling my blood sugar. Also eating meals with some fat and protein will also help keep blood sugar from spiking too much. I just try and keep the saturated fat to a minimum and eat lots of the good fats.

Type1Lou 2011-11-13 14:36:19 -0600 Report

Good move in ditching your first family doctor…why would he/she discount an endocrinologist's (the expert's) determination that you are a Type 1??? There are definitive tests that can determine whether or not your body produces any insulin…if it does not, you're a Type 1! I assume you are on MDI (multiple daily injections) and a sliding scale is a good way to handle it. I was on MDI of Lantus and Novolog until I started my insulin pump in August. I'm loving the pump experience and now kicking myself for waiting so long to try it. It is truly frustrating when the "experts" give you the wrong advice. I wasn't happy with my PCP's approach to my diabetes and finally asked for an endo referral last year. It was the best move I've made. Trust your gut in these things…if it doesn't feel right to you, seek another opinion.

annesmith 2011-11-20 02:01:13 -0600 Report

Yes…this is Anne…I finally found an excellent doctor about 7 weeks ago…he said I needed insulin after meals at minimum, since my everyday range is between 83 and 600. However, he is not currently open for new patients, as he is booked up. I'm getting closer anyway. My last A1c however, confused him…I did not blame him for that…it dropped WAY low——I have been tracking down my highs and lows more, and recording them more often, and I am ASTOUNDED…when my A1c was 5.9, my highs were in the 400s-600s, and my lows were in the 50s!!!!!!——aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!——a little humor there…my GOD, everyday approximately 3 weeks out of every month, my body is actually ranging that…good God. My A1c has been all over the map —-particulary 4 years ago—-8, 16, 7.3, 5.3, 6.0, 5.9, I am so brittle it is hard to pinpoint any consistency. I have noticed if any doctor I have tried so far sees a low A1c AT ALL, they focus completely on that, then all of a sudden they hand me the bill, kind of SHRUG, then they say they have to get going…the long acting insulin I had in the emergency room cleared up my vision , stabilized me really really good…any doctor I have seen prior to this last one said " I don't want to see the record of what the HOSPITAL gave you, because a hospital cannot diagnose…" Or, they say " Well, you've gotten by this long without insulin again…2 years, so, you'll be fine…" Then, again, they leave…well, I will just stay focused on this last doctor—-time will work everything out, I am positive it will, what I meant to say is that God will keep staying with me…I credit Him for everything that is good…and I remind myself that it's not God's fault if some doctors are hurtful..because God gave everybody free will, so, I'll just pray harder then…thanks for listening, and have a great night!!!!——ANNE

jayabee52 2011-11-20 07:46:22 -0600 Report

That Dr who said " a hospital cannot diagnose…" is full or BULL-oney! (trying to keep it G-rated) Isn't that what we go to an ER to do, get a diagnosis and get our acute symptoms fixed? A Dr who does not take an ER's Dx into consideration is foolish and may be just trying to milk you and your insurance company.

Praying you find a solution soon also! God made you strong in mind for a reason.

A lot of things have happened to me in my life also. When they were happening I often didn't see the signifigance of what was hapening, but later on after some reflection I started to understand it, at least some of it.

blessings to you and yours


annesmith 2011-11-21 00:51:36 -0600 Report

Thank you SO much for that information. I honestly thought for years that the hospitals were allowed to diagnose. That explains why I was somewhat confused after he said that they could not diagnose. Not only was I confused, but felt like I was being lied to basically. I can relate to what you are saying about often not seeing the significance of things going on in life. Last night after I had finished my day's work at both my jobs, I had to sit down again, reflect, pray, and go over things in my mind. A light bulb went off in my head again, saying " Wait…there must be reasons behind these things, such as me having to wait so darned long —-4 years to find another endo." I ran it over and over in my mind, finally coming to the conclusion that once again God has never failed me, and that I need to focus in more on just leaving it all in his hands…whether it be worries about my jobs, or financial stress, or finding another endo. I came to the conclusion that it could be worse: Some people have gone an entire 10 years not finding a consistent doctor that can understand them, etc. I have gone 4 years..always somebody out there worse than me. It has been really hard, as I originally had it all planned out to find a new endo by 3 years ago. I'm just astounded at the different personalities from one doctor to the next, shocked that there are more quacks out there than I thought, and quite hurt. The world we live in now has changed so so much——you read the news everyday and just about every day there is a shooting, protest groups all over the place, etc. People in most workplaces feel very very very very insecure about their jobs, and we can only discuss our insecurities so much at work , and we get into trouble…actually, I love my job, but, one strict strict rule is to NEVER say anything about how we feel about the insecurities of the workplace, can't say anything that is negative at all…understandable, but, with the world we live in now, it's getting harder and harder to do that. We can't say anything about our health, but, being we are all human, we all break down once in awhile and do it anyway, only to find a manager coming around the corner. Well, thank you SO much again for that information…it clearly explains why the excellent hospital I go to continues to find everything. I mentioned to one of the E.R. physicians one night about 2 years ago when I was in there that my last doctor I tried and left said "NO way " to them diagnosing…ONLY thing that is truthful behind what that doctor said is that THEORETICALLY an emergency room is an emergency room…it's not a doctor's office…that is the ONLY part that was true…It is CRUEL that he said that, and I continue to be ASTOUNDED at how the hospital finds keytones, etc most of the time when I am there ( about 3-4 times a year), then, when I see a doctor and they find a bunch of sugar in my urine, they pause, they are somewhat alarmed, then, they say " You'll be okay…here's the bill…" I agree with you———a hospital sure as heck IS allowed to diagnose, particularly if the person in the E.R. has a bunch of red flags in their blood work or related. Thank you again, and look forward to talking with you again…sincerely, ANNE

annesmith 2011-11-14 00:29:09 -0600 Report

Yes…this is Anne…can you please write me back? I tested positive for the type 1 antibodies test a long time ago, and my C-peptide showed barely type 1—-I am beyond tired, am sitting on a low A1c, in the meantime, every time I find another doctor—I have gone through 5 in the last 7 years, I get treated like crap—-why me? Why do I have to be one that keeps getting pushed aside? Sorry to sound negative, but this is getting really really really old…huh…in the meantime, I continue to oscilate between 83 and 600-700 every day…am I getting bitter? YEAH!!!!!——-please if you have time , write me back…I have just had bad bad bad luck with doctors—-they are in a hurry , they then only look at my lowest numbers, hand me their bill, and say " Very little wrong with you.." NO, I don't think so…I am so dogged tired of this. In the meantime, I go through identity theft—-someone tried to get into my medical records…why me? I have had plenty of patience…plenty…4 years now, have had long acting insulin, which worked beautifully , I am just dogged tired—-have had zero insulin for 2 years——-I feel like crap—-I REFUSE to start over on new tests to see if I am diabetic or not—-it's already been diagnosed, and every doctor I have tried since says I HAVE to start all over again—NO WAY——not when it was already found without a doubt—-this is terrible…am I mad? Oh, yes I am mad…I can't understand why I have to go through all of this over the last 4 years…I am to the point now where I am ready to never try another doctor again—-EVER—-I know there are nice ones out there, but I have had bad bad luck. The day I find out specifically WHO tried to manipulate my diabetic records , they will be getting a nice phone call from me—they are DARN lucky I did not sue——-this is WAY unfair and I don't know what to do——I'll keep looking around for another internist, but, I am sick an tired of all my results being found in the emergency room, then another office lost my medical records not ONCE, not twice, but FOUR times…was I ever furious…and it happened to be the records that had the printout showing I was diagnosed diabetic. Sincerely, Anne

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