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I recently change my dr and just had new labs done this past wed. Hoping my A1c has dropped. Still wishing that my first dr made a mistake with her diagnois. I know it may be wishful thinking but I still, after 9 mos, have trouble with her labeling me a type 2 with only one set of test. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!! My vent is over.

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Kirla 2011-11-13 12:10:59 -0600 Report

There is a couple of ways to determine if you’re really a diabetic or not. Testing your blood sugar when you first get up should be less than 90. But it has to be above 125 to be diagnosed a diabetic, Testing 2 hours after eating, if its above 200 you probley are a diabetic. Having an A1C above 6.5 is considered a diabetic. If your numbers are only slightly high then you may be pre diabetic. I don’t like the pre myself. If your numbers are starting to climb it’s always better to cut the high carb starchy foods, drink plenty of water and eat lots of low carb green vegetables. Cauliflower is also good to eat. If your numbers are starting to climb and you do nothing it probley will get worse. But it may not, were all different and some people have other reasons for high blood sugar caused by other factors that sometimes will go away on its own. But most go on to develop diabetes.

Walmart sells a meter for about 10 dollars and a box of 50 strips cost about $20.00. I believe you can get a box of strips cheaper but I believe you might want to test fasting and before and after each meal for several days to see what kind of results you have. It may take a couple days of testing depending on what you’re eating.

Me and James who posted before me both have been able to quit meds and control with diet and exercise. Not all diabetics need meds. By following a low carb diet and drinking plenty of water and eating lots of low carb vegetables some are able to do it without meds. Most people will have to use meds or insulin or both depending on how they want to eat and how bad there pancreas is damaged. All diabetics have some kind of damage to their pancreas or else we wouldn’t be diabetic.

MEGriff1950 2011-11-13 12:09:22 -0600 Report

I was first diagnosed with type 2 in 2003 by a nurse practicioner. Then in the spring of 2006 I was told by a MD that I do not have diabetes and should not live like one. Problems with this dr so I fired him and started seeing the present OD in Sept 2006. He did the usual blood tests and said that I do have diabetes. Guess what I do. The MD had his head where it should not have been. Once I learned what type 2 diabetes is, how it affects me in a diabetic education class and got a meal plan I learned how to gain control of my diabetes. I was in denial for a long time because one said that I do not have it even with bad A1C and high bg.
Denial can cause a lot of health issues until one starts getting control.
God bless

rij061258 2011-11-13 18:27:06 -0600 Report

I have done the classes and have changed how I eat. My fasting bg was 115 and A1c was a 6. That was over 8 mos ago. I have a meter and strips my last dr gave me. My fasting numbers are always under 120 and most of my 2 hr after eating is below 160. Have found a couple of things that will send it higher but for the most part that doesn't happen. I don't have a prob with being a type 2 just have a problem with the fact the dr on the results of one set of test. Everything I have read, says that my numbers were not high enough to be given the diagnois. I will say that for the most part either way, I plan on staying with the diet changes I made. Just would like to once in a while eat some things I know I shouldn't without feeling guilty about it later. I miss having chili dogs, mac & cheese, hambugers and fries.

Fefe12 2014-12-19 19:20:09 -0600 Report

I found out the hard way, went into a coma. But that being said. Dont feel so sad about food no on should be eating anyway. Why bother. But those things you love and can't live without, why should you. I eat lettuce wrapped buyers, not at Mcdonalds that serves it on a platter with a knife and fork! Ugh. Make you own if you don't have a Carls Junior around. Check out your fav restaurant. Mac &cheese will always stay in my life. I'm allowed 45 gr per meal. So I measure out my mac&cheese so I can enjoy. I have a glass of wine with dinner every night and still eat my fav cake once n awhile. Ok so its only a bite or two then share the rest, but it works for me. Denial doesn't. Think outside the box. Just remember no more plate fulls of high sugar foods, even if your not a diabetic. Who needs that! Merry Christmas!