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In 5 months it will be Spring again! So, I'm a little early, just in case!
By way of introduction I like to tell you that I was under very much stress for a long time, so much so that it made my medical situation even worse than it already was and maybe I just was feeling sorry for myself. Then, when taking a walk throught the park I realized that things were not bad enough to feel sorry for myself! After all, I could still walk, and speak be it not as well as before my stroke in Nov. 2003, and now a heart attack followed by Congestive Heart Failure. In that park I could see and I could hear I even could think in a rational way, maybe other people would not be able to do all that. So, here is a short story of my experience in that park I went to, and will go back to I hope!


You may say what does that have to do with diabetes? Well, it did for me, having a lot to do with diabetes.
You see, it was very quiet there in the park and the sun was painting the different colors between the trees and branches and on the leaves many of which were only just starting to grow. I came to think, how it was possible for those trees to year after year produce everything new and fresh. Some trees grow hundreds of years old and keep on producing as against us humans who may do so for a very short time. My painters eye saw all the different colors of green, a multitude of greens, darks and lights and all kinds in between. The birds were singing their beautiful songs and I was mesmerized by their variety and volume without another human being anywhere near.
So why do I tell you all this?
I tell you all this because of the marvelous feeling it gave me, because in spite of having diabetes for 50 years and on 5 needles per day , 8 blood tests per day. More complications and just having had a stroke that paralyzed my entire left site, the consequences of which I’m still struggling with, I was still able to observe all this beauty that nature wanted to show me. It would be far better not to have diabetes, but because of the diet I live on for all the years, I’m not overweight because that could be a source of other troubles, one benefit and there are probably other benefits as well.
Then I had to think of other people with cancer and arthritic pains and a multitude of other aches and pains and diseases and also mentally like Alzheimer’s disease and I suddenly felt myself rich and lucky to only have diabetes and my stress lifted away from me. I still could see and hear all that was going on in nature and it was plain marvelous that I could, where others simply couldn’t even get to where I was. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, that other people's problems can be far more difficult to live with than our own.
So whatever problems you and I may have try to look to the bright side, remember the cloud with the silver lining?

JOHNBEN.Nov. 2011
On the lighter side…

Moe; "My wife got me to believe in religion!"
Joe; "Really?"
Moe; Yeah! Until I married her, I didn't believe in hell!"

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pixsidust 2011-11-13 00:32:41 -0600 Report

John you are a prolific writer.
You paint word pictures for my mind to draw upon
To see the images you saw and hear the sounds if I listen hard enough…
For a moment I sat next to you on that park bench gazing all around.

Tonight the moon is bright, lighting the pathways
and I wonder if you see that same moon…

Yes we have much to be thankful for.
I think you speak beautifully

I hope you are compiling your writings
for your kids and grandkids to come.
Its a legacy!

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