Have you ever walked away from the table still Hungry?

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Have you ever walked away from the table still hungry? I have. And it has "burned" me a few times.

I've tried to stick to the 3 oz. portion of meat, and the 1/2 cups of vegetables.

And I will walk away, not only maybe, a half hour after eating and I'm hungry again. Then I go into "nosh mode" I seem to eat things that are not going to do me any good and I will pay for them later.

Can you maybe suggest, what I could do, to break my "nosh mode" and be totally staisfied with dinner?

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old biker
old biker 2012-07-02 07:46:55 -0500 Report

I eat maybe 6 times a day all small meals and fill up with vegetables..If I want a sandwich I take one slice of low carb bread, cut it in half fold 2 slices of sandwich meat one slice of cheese and I am good for hours..By keeping it small and spreading it out I find I am not hungry during the day. Birdseye makes these great steamers call Just For One They are a perfect small portion Much luck

Set apart
Set apart 2012-04-07 07:21:33 -0500 Report

I eat tons of free veggies this helps hey I am hungry and I need to eat! I also chew gum or drink like others said before I eat that helps. I top a lot of my foods with garnish, tons, it helps!

suziesgirl 2012-04-06 21:39:38 -0500 Report

Walking away hungry is not a good senerio for anyone. I think If you add a serving of a good complex carb, like brown rice, or dreamfields pasta you would be less hungry. I know I am a big eater. Now I load up on baked or steamed vegtables, but only until they are just done. No overcooking. Add a salad with fresh greens and vegtables. Men can eat more protein if it is the right kind, like chicken, fish and turkey. I have found out that it works to have a snack between meals, like berries and a protein. Seems like eating a fruit with a protein works very well. There are artificial sweetners that contribute to being hungry. I only use sweet leaf stevia, and natural occuring sugars like coconut sugar, local honey and agave syryp. Try reading Diabetes without drugs by Suzie Cohen. It has such amazing diabetes information in it.

c.wright50@yahoo.com 2012-04-06 15:39:17 -0500 Report

when i walk andnext day then my sugar go low like 65 or 70 52 why is that and i do my exiers it go down alot then i get up set go up then before supper it go downs

Caroltoo 2012-04-06 15:49:03 -0500 Report

Walking increases our insulin sensitivity so our bodies use insulin better and bring our BGs down faster and lower.

JSJB 2012-04-06 04:16:13 -0500 Report

I am in the same boat you are. I am always hungry so I try to keep busy. It is hard in the winter but now that the summer is here I work outside in the garden. If your nosh mode is junk food like mine, try changing to munching on veggies it does help. Young1s has a good suggestion. Try not to measure out you servings. It looks like you are eating healthy but the portions are small. Happy munching

jigsaw 2012-04-06 21:52:55 -0500 Report

Occasionally, I fill myself up on a malted or thickshake. I put a bit of milk, ice, sweetner of choice, vanilla extract, in a blender. Drink enough of it and it will bloat the daylights out of you. Totally eleminates my desire for food for a while. Of course as you mentioned, veges are an excellent standby!

Young1s 2011-12-17 09:53:05 -0600 Report

Maybe it has already been suggested but try having some salad. It works for me and I can eat it til my hearts content…and my stomach. :)

re1ndeer 2011-12-17 11:12:16 -0600 Report

Thank you, that's a great idea.

annesmith 2011-12-11 02:00:16 -0600 Report

I never walk away hungry from a meal…I used to , and it burned me so bad, I stopped. I always make sure I have enough protein…if I eat too much on the non protein side, I am in big trouble later on. NEVER again for me…I used to go too far to that extreme—hunger, and it ended up causing me SO many problems, I just started eating until I am slightly full, but not stuffed. The only problem with my method is I have very very very high tryglycerides now—almost 500. It's genetic in our family—-high tryglycerides are very prominent on my father's side. I STILL feel 100% better—-nurses don't care for what I am doing…well, sorry, but they just need to deal with it…sorry for my sarcasm. I am able to eat oranges quite a bit, and oranges and lemons have LOWERED my tryglycerides in the past , along with my continued running. There is no perfect diet. You can still follow your 3oz portion of meat and the vegetables, and if you add just one or two more proteins to it, you should be able to leave the table not hungry. Add a slice of cheese to the meat, or on the side, then add maybe an orange…I have done that too, and it always works. I'm really good about not eating too much at night—I just eat too much in the afternoon—ha. So, what I have been doing to improve is to add cooked broccoli to my afternoon and evening eating, and I'll have it with cheese to give me the protein buffer. I hope this helps!!! ANNE

jayabee52 2011-12-11 04:02:33 -0600 Report

Howdy Anne,

It is a good pairing between the Cheese and Brocolli as the calcium in the cheese helps to get the good stuff into your system.

But if I understand correctly Trigs. these are gentrated by your body from certain tyes of oils. Here is a wiki article on Triglycerides here ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triglyceride.

suziesgirl 2012-04-06 21:44:49 -0500 Report

You are right James, No hydronated oils. Olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil. There are some of the very best. Grapeseed oil will actually lower BS and Cholestrol. My triglycerides started at almost 300. They dropped to 78 in three months after I changed my diet. After two and a half years they are still low, well under 150.

Caroltoo 2012-04-06 21:54:59 -0500 Report

Hope you don't mind my curiousity, but do you know why they went back uo from 78 to "under 150"?

suziesgirl 2012-04-06 22:06:38 -0500 Report

No, No they never went up again, the desired numbers on my blood work suggested that they should be <150. Mine vary from 60-80, stays very steady. I guess I didn't make that clear, sorry. I understand that triglycerides are sugary fats in the blood. I know I sure ate allot of them before being diagnosed with this disease. I think it was the hydro oils in the processed foods I ate so much of.
Who knows, but I am sure glad they came down.

Caroltoo 2012-04-07 08:47:38 -0500 Report

Yes, mine came down too. I'm hoping it's for good since I'm commited to continuing to eat in the way that makes me more healthy. Glad yours stayed down.

AuntieBear 2011-11-12 23:38:18 -0600 Report

Are you able to drink any of the V8 beverages? They come in low sodium and have a lower sugar total than most fruit juices/ drinks. Maybe they might add to your full feeling without the upset to your IBS. Just a suggestion. Hope something works for you.

Richknowbody 2011-11-12 12:45:00 -0600 Report

When this happens to me, I eat something with protein in it and it goes away.
A slice of cheese or something.
This is the advice I got from one of the dietitians that was advising me when I explained the problem you are talking about.

re1ndeer 2011-11-12 19:32:37 -0600 Report

Thanks for your response. I have an issue with cheese (I have many illness's - I'm lactose intolerent). But maybe some peanut butter might work. Thanks for your suggestion.

roshy 2011-12-16 18:06:40 -0600 Report

ok my lactose friend!!! i am putting these questions to you and hopefully you can provide me with some answers?? im in desperate need of someone to shine a little light on this and the doctors are useless!!

so firstly, how do you get a diagnosis of "lactose intolerent"?
secondly, what are the symptoms?? are they instint or do they approach and develop over time? do they differ from person to person or is there general symptoms which are consitant amoungst sufferers??
thirdly, do you know whether there are different degrees of lactose intolorance, for example can some people get away with eating cheese and not feel discomfort but not drink milk because it will cripple their stomach??
and finially what are the long term concequences if you proceed to take in lactose if you are intolerent??

PLEASE someone answer me before i put my little distressed head through the computer screen!!!

jayabee52 2011-12-16 18:54:10 -0600 Report

I wouldn't want you to do that Roisen! (Not fair to the computer — LoL!)

Here is a segment from a larger article from our national government's medical information site. Should you wish to read the whole article you could scroll up or down the page to read the whole thing. But the portion about which you asked is here ~ http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs...

re1ndeer 2011-12-16 18:44:43 -0600 Report

To get a diagnosis of Lactose Intolerent, you will have to see a G.I. doctor who will do several tests on you. If the tests come back positive, then you are.

Everyone's symptoms are different, they can be cramps, diarreha, vomiting. generally stomach upset, etc.

They can be instant, it's as like you are allergic to the items you are taking in, mostly dairy. And they can develop over time. When I was younger, I could eat all kinds of dairy, now, I can't.

Mostly the symptoms are not the same for everybody.

Yes, they are different degrees of Lactose intolerent, some can handle yogurt (I can), others can handle milk or cheese (I can not), it almost like a test to see if you can handle them. Try eliminating one item and see if your symptoms go away, (Like about two weeks, as it takes your system to know what you are doing) Then bring back the item and see if you could handle it.

The long term concequences of taking in Lactose products, is you will be miserable.

Hope this helps.

roshy 2011-12-16 19:20:40 -0600 Report

Gentlemen!! you have both been fantastic as usual!!! i think i may just have to bite the bullet and give up the milk for a while. I am already on calcium supplements so there should be no potential risk.

Would you recommend giving up all lactose foods completely to rule out lactose intolerent or just the major ones !! such as cheese and milk. If i am going to do this would i find a more definite answer if i gave up lastose altogether do you think? please advise , what would you do ?? im tired of the doctors priscribing me different medications that dont work!!

jayabee52 2011-12-16 19:29:00 -0600 Report

from what I've read cut out ALL dairy products (I shudder to day that growing up on a dairy farm). And when your symptoms subside (if they subside) wait a couple weeks to let your system get used to the change, and then gradually introduce a dairy product into your eating plan and see what effect that has. If 2 weeks and no symptoms, then introduce another product. You can then tell by your body's reaction if you can tolerate dairy in that form or not.

roshy 2011-12-16 19:32:28 -0600 Report

haha!! now im thinking maybe i should wait until after the christmas!!! im already diabetic and celiac, i want to enjoy cheese this year!!!

Thanks a mill for your advise!! and i will let you know how i get on!!! i am determined to get to the bottom of this!!

Who needs a doc when you have james as a mate????

jayabee52 2011-12-16 19:42:39 -0600 Report

I am waiting till after the New year to embark on my new experement to try to improve my kidney function through eating certain kinds of foods.

I am not as knowledgable as a Doc, Roisin, so of course take my suggestions as that only. I sometimes do get it wrong too.

Please do let me know how you do!

jayabee52 2011-12-16 20:25:33 -0600 Report

why thank you re1ndeer! No i had not yet come across that one yet, and it is on DaVita's site. (I used to be dialyized in a DaVita clinic here in Las Vegas) Didn't think to look there! Thank you so very much! I will add it to my resource list!

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-12 21:01:27 -0600 Report

P.B. and apple is good. It is good with celery also. Can you eat hummus? I eat it with some fresh veggies and you don't need a lot and you get full pretty fast!

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-13 08:22:32 -0600 Report

Meijer and Wal-mart carry it. You would find it with the specialty cheeses. It's like a spread, or dip made from chickpeas. Not everyone likes it, but i LOVE it! It's worth a try.

Jeanae 2011-11-12 10:22:47 -0600 Report

Can you have steamed veggies? I keep a small container of steamed veggies in the frigerator and when I get hungry I nuke them and splash a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar or garlic powder on them. I eat three meals a day and have mulitple snacks and I also can not have sodium and am on a 1200 cal a day diet. I also found drinking hot herbal tea with my meals- no sweetener helps me feel food, helps the food digest and I feel better. Good luck. You certainly have a lot of obstacles but your dietician should help you navigate it. I will be praying for you.

re1ndeer 2011-11-12 10:26:33 -0600 Report

Thank you so much for your response. Wow, I never thought of steamed vegies, I'm going to give it a try. Sounds good with balsamic vinegar, even a little garlic. That would be a great snack. Thank you again for your suggestion.

Set apart
Set apart 2011-11-16 06:21:47 -0600 Report

I eat a lot of steamed veggies with my meals along with 1/2 cup whole what pasta or brown rice. I have also started chia seeds they're great they fill you up and the carbs match the fiber amt I think like 7 carbs per 1/2 cup they sit in a liquid and when they're ready they become a like a gel. They are filling i use raspberry crystal light to make mine it's like a free dessert and fills you up. Good luck!

pixsidust 2011-11-11 14:30:26 -0600 Report

Yes I have! I agree to eat more veggies. Not sure the diet you are on but could you kick the meat up to 4 oz? Also are you doing a preplanned snack between meals where you eat raw carrots with hummus and things like that? You will be more satisfied, if in the intervals you do plan a healthy snack. Gabby once mentioned drinking a warm drink, helps with the appetite and I concur. A little warm tea, perhaps green tea sweetened with stevia may be just the ticket.

nzingha 2011-11-12 14:49:47 -0600 Report

i have a cup of coffee..its a special Japanese coffee…no caffeine and they claim it has this special mushroom in it that helps control diabetes… well i am hooked on it as its the best tasting coffee i have ever had. i use it in the pm and even at night. doesn't affect my sleeping. i have insomnia with or without it but it fills me up or i will have a fruit. I USUALLY ALSO KEEP A SALAD IN MY FRIDGE.. AND I ADD PEANUT BUTTER TO IT AS MY DRESSING.. VERY TASTY…But I have been to where u r. I use a breakfast plate to eat out of and at the rate I am going I might go down to a saucer..lol!. I need to lose 10 more pounds and its happening too slowly for me.. I want to fit into a size 8 or 10.. by December and I am determined to get there..lol!

re1ndeer 2011-11-11 21:26:45 -0600 Report

Thank you for your response. I can't really eat raw vegies do to stomach issues. Right now the dietcian wants me on 3 oz. of meat ( I see Dietician on Monday, so I'll ask) Warm tea will work, though not with stevia (again stoamch issues) I'm on a 1600 calorie diet, that's approximately 525 calories per meal. Right now there is no "snack" between meals. I just started this diet at the beginning of the month, but there are times were I'm still hungry.

nzingha 2011-11-12 14:51:38 -0600 Report

get off all sugars.. artificial sweeteners and sugar itself.. I have not taken any of them for YEARS and I dont miss them anymore.. I replace with fruits !

pixsidust 2011-11-11 22:21:54 -0600 Report

Maybe a more flavorful tea like a mint tea would make up for the lack of sweetener. Ask if you could incorporate two 100 calorie snacks and shave calories some where else? I took two cans of green beans and seasoned them heavily with garlic, salted to taste and sliced onion into it and cooked all the juice down till the beans absorbed the garlic. It was 140 calories, 28 carbs and 5g protein and 6g of fiber. I ate that with my meat. I was starved but filled up fast. The green beans were soft but tasty. Can you do something like that?

re1ndeer 2011-11-12 02:37:18 -0600 Report

Yes, and it sounds good, but have to omit the salt (have hypertension). Thanks for your response.

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-11-11 09:15:44 -0600 Report

I always eat extra of the non-starchy vegetables and a large salad. I am full and not killing mysel or my numbers. The portion of vegetables may be larger than "suggested" but this is a lot better than snacking/noshing. Consider a larger, even a double portion, of non-starchy vegetables to fill full. A large salad with Romane Lettuce and dark greens is filling too.
I found that vegies and salads killed my "nosh mode".
Good Luck

re1ndeer 2011-11-11 11:27:23 -0600 Report

Thank you so much for your suggestion. since some raw salad items disagree with my stomach, I think I will look for a vegetable salad, that I can make with pre-cooked vegies. Thank you again.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-10 22:30:11 -0600 Report

Yes I have. It does not happen all the time(thank goodness!) but enough to be a little frustrating! I just try and wait it out and sometimes it just goes away. Sometimes I just slug back extra water. I drink ice water all day long, but sometimes if i drink a bunch real fast it makes me feel full. Kind of squish when i walk after! JK, LOL

Caroltoo 2011-11-10 18:43:33 -0600 Report

I try to keep a variety of fresh or cooked vegetables, thinly sliced turkey, and string cheese in the refrigerator. When I need to snack, the easiest things to grab are the healthy ones I've already prepared.

I also frequently have a glass of iced water with lemon juice.

re1ndeer 2011-11-10 18:48:37 -0600 Report

Thank you for your suggestion. I drink Ice water all day long, only one cup of coffee in the morning.
I need to have low sodium intake. The string cheese is loaded with soduim. Depending on the turkey, unless it is homemade, I can not tolerate processed foods.
The cooked vegies to me are a great idea, along with type1Lou, the broth is great.

Caroltoo 2011-11-10 19:04:02 -0600 Report

Oh, I'm with you on the processed foods: don't let a bite touch my lips.
I'm on a low sodium diet also. Amazing how many things are overloaded with it, isn't it?

For me, the secret is having something healthy all ready and waiting for me when the urge to snack hits.

re1ndeer 2011-11-10 21:41:15 -0600 Report

Thank you, yes, salt is in almost everything.

My biggest problem is getting the "good for you" snacks. Most of the things that are somewhat healthy, I can not eat because of stomach issues.

They don't agree with me. I guess it will be a game of try this and see.

Caroltoo 2011-11-10 20:57:16 -0600 Report

Kim, if I exercise my control while choosing what is in the refrigerator, then I'm following the path of least resistance to pick up what is there and ready to eat.

It's a question what motivates you and what you know about your own process. For example, I love some things that are bad for me. So, with rare exception, I don't bring them into my home. If they were there, I would eat them.

kimcavett 2011-11-10 21:08:54 -0600 Report

And I agree with you for the most part, but I don't get to choose most of what is brought into my home. We pay our bills and there is very little left for food. We depend mostly on the goodness of others. There are 3 of us in the house so it is hard to refuse a gift. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

pixsidust 2011-11-13 00:54:35 -0600 Report

Are you eligible for food assistance? I notice the food prices are skyrocketing. Get any and all help you can. I am sorry for your circumstance and will keep you in my prayers.

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