iam new in this kind of disease!

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i am charice clifford… looking for a site and someone who can give me advice about to my situation… i am diabetic type 1… i found out last two months ago and its hard for me to adjust…

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digitaldoorbell 2011-11-11 13:04:30 -0600 Report

I can only imagine how hard it is for you to adjust. It's important that you have a place to share how you feel and ask questions. You'll find many people (of all ages) with the same, or similar, conditions and concerns. More often that not, you find something or someone with interesting experience insight, experience or a referral for your care.

Be sure to live a strengths-based life. It's not what's "wrong" with you that matters; only what's right with you.

Take care

Chad1978 2011-11-10 17:18:34 -0600 Report

Hello Charice, hmm that sounds like Silence of the Lambs, creepy, LOL. My name is Chad and I was diagnosed in '08 with type 1 diabetes at the age of 29. The best advice I can give you that really made things so much easier for me is to see a dietician, and find an endo that you really feel comfortable with. Keep your regular Dr up to date, as well. Read about diabetes, because there are so many myths out there, like diabetics can't eat sugar, and if you are know the facts rather than the myths life will be so much better for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. No question is a stupid question, so don't be shy and just ask it.

annesmith 2011-11-10 23:15:39 -0600 Report

I agree—-yes, type 2s suffer from terrible sores, possible death , etc, BUT to me type 1 is more serious…it would have to be…complete dependence on insulin, or you die? That is more serious…HOWEVER, more type 2s I think go BLIND…SO, in a way, it can be a toss up. No matter which way I look at it, type 1 is the most serious—-any doctor will tell you that. I am not saying however, that doctors and nurses are not concerned about type 2s—-they definitely are most of the time…ANNE

Robin052 2011-11-11 19:23:49 -0600 Report

Hi Charice, I'm Robin. I'm sorry that you were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes but look at the bright side, you have all of us now in your life. You are not alone sweetie and it's an ongoing struggle sometimes. I have Type 2 but I am tired and feel I need a nap everyday. Not sure if it's from medications I take or not a good night's sleep the night before. Annesmith is right. Type 2 can go blind or have some kind of vison impairment. I saw an Endocrinologist yesterday. He was so thorough and this was my first visit with him. They did a test with my eyes to decide whether my eyesight is being effective. He checked my feet. Now I do have neuropathy and taking something for it but I have callouses between my big toe and the next one. He was concerned but I told him we live in AZ and I wear thongs and sandals a lot. He's taking it into consideration. They took 6 vials of blood(OMG) and all I could think of was Twilight, LOL. My legs are swollen and I didn't even know. Just thought I was fatter.

I'm not very versed in Type 1 but does that mean your body isn't creating enough insulin? I'm a vegetarian and having a really hard time. I told the doctor some of the fruits I've been eating and all he kept doing was shake his head. So I will live on water is what I was thinking. He is having me do a food journal for 2 weeks and maybe I'll see a dietician. Who knew dried apricots were so bad for you if you have diabetes. I thought I was eating a lot of fiber for my system. Go figure.

Just remember, you've come to the right place. You have support here and no judgement. Very hard to find in this world.


jayabee52 2011-11-12 04:05:16 -0600 Report

Howdy Robin

Any dried fruit is generally higher in carbs as the naturally occurring fructose is concentrated due to the dehydration. The only mitigating factor is that the fiber is still in the dried fruit, but that is only a minor consideration.

Really what is necessary is to lower the amount of the fruit (dried or otherwise) you consume and focus more on non starchy veggies.

RebC 2011-11-10 12:51:20 -0600 Report

Hello chariceyou! This is a great place to connect with others with diabetes and ask your questions…I am type 1 as well (diagnosed 4 years ago), and I had a period of adjustment as well, even though I grew up with my little sister and my dad both having it…just hang in there!

Type1Lou 2011-11-09 14:33:16 -0600 Report

Hi Charice and welcome to the DC family! I was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 27, which was 35 years ago. I moved from one shot of NPH insulin at the start to multiple shots of NPH, then multiple shots of Lantus and Novolog and finally started using a pump last August. How are you treating your diabetes? I'm loving my pump and am kicking myself for not trying one sooner. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. My initial advice would be to learn as much as you can about diabetes and the steps you need to take to properly manage it so you prevent those nasty complications and ensure a good quality of life.

lacat87 2011-11-10 11:49:00 -0600 Report

I wanted to get the pump but even with a good insurance plan, we couldn't afford it :(

TrixieRed 2011-11-15 17:39:09 -0600 Report

I had the pump for a couple of years before I decided to go back to injections. I still do not regret this decision. I just hated having a machine always attached to me. It wasn't worth all the malfunctions and such.

Type1Lou 2011-11-10 12:35:00 -0600 Report

I'm lucky enough to have good insurance. I've just ordered infusion sets and reservoir refills for the first time and am waiting to see what my co-pay will be…Medtronics advised it would be around $100 for 90 days…the retail cost of the devices is over $600 and would be prohibitive if I had no coverage at all.

door331 2011-11-10 13:55:24 -0600 Report

Hey Lou, do infusion sets go through medical or prescription? I have been on the Omnipod for about 1 year now and the cost is MUCH higher than MDI because it goes through medical insurance and therefore I need to meet my deductible. I am undecided if I want to continue with this or try a tubed pump or go back to MDI to save $$.

Type1Lou 2011-11-10 17:55:47 -0600 Report

I'm not really sure yet since I haven't received a bill for my order. I do believe it will go through my Blue Cross medical insurance rather than through my Medco prescription plan. I'll post an update when I find out.

lacat87 2011-11-10 14:27:52 -0600 Report

That's my problem…meeting my deductible every year. Never heard of a tubed pump before. How is that different from the usual pumps? And what is MDI?

Type1Lou 2011-11-10 17:49:55 -0600 Report

The Omnipod sits directly over the part of the body you are infusing into while my Metronics pump has a tube from the pump reservoir which attaches to my body to deliver the insulin…hence a "tubed" pump. Different lengths of tubing are available to accommodate your lifestyle. MDI just refers to treating you diabetes with multiple shots of insulin like you are currently doing. I was on MDI of Lantus and NovoLog before going on my pump.

door331 2011-11-10 14:36:14 -0600 Report

by tubed I am simply referring to an infusion set— Omnipods are tube-free. MDI = multiple daily injections or just another way of saying Not using a pump. :)

door331 2011-11-10 15:23:17 -0600 Report

Here is a link to their site with info on how it works- http://www.myomnipod.com/about-omnipod/see-ho...
It is basically a disposable devise that you fill and throw away after 3 days so there are no infusion sets. I have never used a regular pump yet but if you want to know my opinion/experiences with this system I can send a message with the details.

lacat87 2011-11-12 12:11:06 -0600 Report

I clicked on the link and the section "about" is not there. They're working on it! Thanks anyway.

MEGriff1950 2011-11-09 12:27:41 -0600 Report

Type 1's face a much bigger challenge then us type 2's. A diabetes education class is a big help in understanding your disease. Getting a meal plan from a dietician is also necessary. Keeping a journal of when, what and how much you eat plus writting down your blood sugars is a must for understanding how well you are doing. Also keep track of when you take your meds and the amounts. Last but not least keep coming back here to see what others are doing to get and keep control.

medic673b 2011-11-09 23:41:42 -0600 Report

thats a load of crap type 2 has plenty of challenges. hearing loss, blindness,loss of limbs,dental problems,neuropothy in various places, sores, death and so on an d on

Truckers home
Truckers home 2011-11-24 04:34:30 -0600 Report

you bark T2 but T1 and T2 have the same problems and what if you take Insulin and it doesn't help nor does tha toral meds?? Well I know what happens first hand! Amputation, Blindness, wounds that don't heal, Kidney falure, and Death. All was my mother 10 years ago this comming Dec 3. So when you Bark know what you are saying and how you are saying it

jayabee52 2011-11-09 23:50:10 -0600 Report

Both types (all types, actually) have very similar problems and challenges. Between all the types we share more than we differ in my opinion. As far as T1s go I think they have it a bit tougher as they only have one way to manage their condition, Insulin, whereas we T2s have a wide range of management tools.

door331 2011-11-09 12:26:24 -0600 Report

Hi Charice, a support site like this is a great place to find answers and feel connected. There are a lot of people here who have experienced many of the concerns, questions, and feelings that you will undoubtedly have. I am Type1 diagnosed 20 years ago. I also have a T1 brother as well. Regards, -Eric

Young1s 2011-11-09 11:34:29 -0600 Report

Hi Charice. I am Type II and also newly diagnosed. Congratulations on finding this site. You will soon find out that the people here are fast friends and family. Every arm is open and every ear can be bent. It has been the best thing for me. I have quickly found out that DC can bring you a wealth of information, necessary comfort, knee slapping joy and it is down right addictive. Seriously, I feel weird if even one day goes by without checking in. There is so much going on daily that it starts to feel like you are missing out. You will soon see what I mean. God Bless.

pixsidust 2011-11-09 10:45:37 -0600 Report

I am Type II. Welcome here and we will all help any way we can!

chariceyou 2011-11-09 11:02:08 -0600 Report

hi whats ur real name and where u from??

pixsidust 2011-11-09 12:34:31 -0600 Report

To find out about people click on their name.
So click on Pixsidust that written in blue
Then click on About Me.
You will see my name and stuff about me.

This is the right place to ask these questions in your own discussion.
We try to respond to others discussions with what concerns that person,
their own needs and their questions, so thats not the place to say Hi I am new, but to add your input to their discussion. You will be joining in before you know it. I was diagnosed 2/16/11 and sometimes have to look and research stuff to give an answer…then I am learning too!
So tell us more about pretty you and fill out that section!

As you see I have filled out details in my About Me section, why don't you do the same? Lets get to know each other!

Duke1701 2011-11-09 10:27:29 -0600 Report

Hello Charice. You have definitely found the right site that is just brimming with great people who all understand what you are going through and are feeling. I am new to D as well having just found out this past July. Joining this community has done wonders for my mental attitude. I have never signed in without reading some useful piece of information, having a good laugh, sometimes a cry, but always leave with a sense of friendship and knowing that whenever I need these people they will be there for you with words of encouragement or just an ear to bend. I wish you the best and hope you find this site and the members as wonderful as I do.