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what is it and how is it used? Doc want's to show me how to use it.

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Uncle Lew
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Hi Joe.
Are you sure the doctor wants to teach you how to use a slide ruler. Could he be talking about a sliding scale. I am not a diabetes expert so I hope I am not misleading you but I never heard of using a slide ruler for control of blood glucose levels
From my high school days in the 1960s I remember that a slide ruler is a manual calculating device, now largely obsolete due to electronic calculators, made up of two rulers marked with graduated logarithmic scales, one sliding inside the other.

A sliding scale is a set of blood glucose readings with a set of units of insulin to be taken. You will test some time after you eat (at a time determined by your doctor). You will find the corresponding number on a chart and it will tell you how many units of insulin to take.
Examples: BG 150-199: 2 unit insulin
BG 200-249: 3 units insulin
BG 250-299: 5 units insulin
BG 300-349: 7 units insulin
BG Over 350: 8 units insulin
Your doctor will determine the Blood Glucose ranges and units of insulin to be used for each range.
The biggest problem with a sliding scale is that it is retroactive. It allows your BG to rise to very high levels, hyperglycemia, before it is checked and will allow large swings in glucose control.
I hope this helps.
Good luck.