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I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Aug. At the same time my cholesterol was high, my blood pressure high, and my thyroid was off. Oh and I had gout. They gave me 9 meds plus insulin and sent me home with vague recommendations- cut out white flour, rice, pasta, sweets, alcohol. fried foods, salty foods, etc. So I did. I lost 40 lbs. My bp came way down (90/50 now), my a1c went from 10.7 to 7.4. I am blacking out when I stand up. Not all the time but some of the time. My doctor today (military dependant so I never see the same dr. twice) thinks that I am somehow depressed and looking for attention. I was… stunned. NOW I am depressed. Has anyone else experienced black outs or is there something wrong with me?

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I haven't had that experience yet. But from whe way you describe it may be orthostatic HYPOtension. (Low blood pressure upon standing up) At miminimum the dr should have you do a blood pressure when lying down, and another sitting up and another standing (I was taught to do these for my patients in home health care as a CNA) It could be that when you stand your blood pressure drops for some reason. Then the Dr has to figure out WHY the pressure is dropping and you are fainting,

It could be related to a med you are taking, or it could be the presenting symptom of something which needs to be examined. That is the Dr's job to make that examination and assessment.

Yes something may be wrong with you. Blacking out is NOT NORMAL, for anyone! Stick to your guns and don't let yourself be labeled as an attention seeker. Address the situation with the new Dr. Let the new each succeeding Dr know that you are aware of this Dr's opinion and ask for a 2nd opinion on the issue. Thay should at least have a nurse do an orthostatic hypotension test to determine if your BP drops when you change from sitting to standing.

Blessings to you and yours!


pixsidust 2011-11-07 18:30:17 -0600 Report

Call the Hospital Administrator and report that Doctor. You let him know that instead of seeking a reason for your black outs you were brushed off
with a you must be faking it. If that Doctor does not have time to be a Doctor then maybe he should not be there because this is the stuff law suits are made of. What kind of Doctor gives the brush off instead of ruling out potentially dangers causes? You let the clinic know if he is on staff that you do not want to see him but another Doctor or be put on the schedule for another day. Should you see him again, bring a small hand held tape recorder and you ask him what is he going to do to rule out the reasons for your black outs. Keep close records!.

So much of you is doing better but these black outs are not to be taken lightly. I am sorry for your treatment. You need and MRI/Cat Scan to make sure you do not have any tumors or lesions in the brain for starters. Or maybe your sugar is dropping too low. I get a bit dizzy when that happens and I drink juice right away and eat protein. All else fails, Look up what paper and reporter wrote the article about poor care in our military hospitals and featured Walter Reed Hospital. No I have never had a black out and am sorry you have!

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