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Kim Gregory
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One year ago today I was very sick. I had a really bad cold that I couldn't get rid of and it just got worse. So I went to the doctor and was told my cold was bad because of my diabetes. I almost fell off the table. No one in my family has diabetes and I was shocked. I also had bronchitis and was in the early stages of pneumonia. My blood sugar was 246, my A1C was high and I was over weight. Well it has been a year. A year of cussing and fussing. A year of change in eating habits, a number of doctor visits, incorporating exercise and new expenses into not just my life but my family's life as well. We all had to make adjustments. Today at my doctors appointment I was told that I no longer have to test my blood sugar. My numbers are excellent. I lost 20 pounds. I have reversed my type 2 diabetes. I started with using insulin and when I ran out, I controlled it with diet. It has been a difficult year. It was hard but I did it. I did not always have the best attitude. Even though I cussed and fussed and cried, I did what I had to do and it paid off. This site was a huge help to me. I read a lot of stories and had a lot of support. Thank you all for sharing.

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Kim Gregory
Kim Gregory 2011-11-14 21:02:42 -0600 Report

Hey everyone. I have read your comments and I agree. I will test at least 1 a day just to keep track and make sure everything is still ok. Learning to control diabetes is better than saying reverse diabetes because there is no cure, there is just learning to control diabetes.

MrsCDogg 2011-11-12 00:49:16 -0600 Report

I agree with everyone else. Do not stop testing! Most doctors will not tell you to stop testing. There is a chance that you can still have some issues with blood sugar. Reversed it? I seriously doubt that.

berrykins0 2011-11-05 07:34:27 -0500 Report

i still have to check mine 2 times a day even though mine came down from 8.2 to 5.6 within 5 months i still take 1 metforin a day.its been this wasy for last 2yrs on the ac1 and checking pill 1yr 4months when only on 1 pill.still count weight food out and exersise to.

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-05 01:02:40 -0500 Report

That is wonderful! Good for you. I hope that you continue your healthy living and no longer have to deal with D. Good luck and God Bless

Kirla 2011-11-04 21:36:05 -0500 Report

Don’t stop testing. I have read lots of stories where people have gotten there blood sugar under control and stopped testing and went back to before they were diabetic, then the day came when they end up in the hospital worst off than ever. Even if you only test 1 meal a week or month you still need to keep a watch on what is going on. Remember there is no cure only control. I only wish you the best but it will not hurt to test once in a while just to make sure your staying in good health. I went from an A1C of 14.1 to 5.9 in less than 4 months and I still test everyday for the last 2½ years. Even thought my A1C has stayed below 6 for over 2½ years now I still watch what I eat and test my blood sugar to make sure I stay in good health.

berrykins0 2011-11-05 07:32:14 -0500 Report

mine 8.2 when i started after 5months it was 5.6 and has been for last 2yrs too. still have to take 1 metforin a day for last 1yr 4months test 2 times a day for last 2 yrs.still count and weight food out and exersise.

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