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I usually have to eat a night snack if I am 130 or below to make sure I dont go to low during the night. So if I am 130 - 150 I usually have a snack wich is a half of a peanut butter sandwich,and that keeps me good till morning. Sometimes I have ice cream or a cookie wich helps my cravings for the sweets and keeps my sugar levels good during the night.The other day I had my dinner as usual my blood sugar was 150 at bedtime,and my sweet tooth was kicking In,so I had a rather large piece of triple fudge Ice cream cake,an hour later my blood sugar dropped 40 points,was the wierdest thing thats ever happend to me,other than the large portion of Ice cream cake it was a routine day as usual… any Ideas out there??? I am going to mention it to my Doctor as well.

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annesmith 2011-11-06 23:15:32 -0600 Report

I would say it dropped possibly if your supper was too light—if I eat a small supper, then have a big desert, particularly if it's a dark chocolate, I DROP for sure —-the caffeine content in dark chocolate is like coffee, and the caffeine effect is that it burns sugar down FAST. Black coffee by itself drops my blood sugar…that's why I never drink black coffee anymore—-I use creamer…and any kind of chocolate I have at any time of day—-it has to be milk chocolate, or I drop fast…not good…this MIGHT help you…sincerely, ANNE