Why Insulin Causes Weight Gain???

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I found this on another site. A man is telling what his doctor told him about insulin and weight gain, in his own words. What do you think?

"The doctor explained we gain weight is cause our bodies had been used to the high sugar levels so things passed through. Now with better control of the sugar levels our bodies is now grabbing more nutrients and trying to store them. And with cold weather around the corner we will tend to want to eat more to store fat."

He was diabetic for a long time and did not gain weight with the insulin used back then. It was the same with me for 50 years. The body did not store the fatty material while there was so much high blood sugar. Then the modern day insulins entered the picture, the blood sugar was under much better control and there was no longer a lot of high blood sugar. That causes the body to store the fatty material in the food we eat. Thus there is weight gain. In my case that was 57 pounds in the 1990s. I have lost 26 pounds but still need to lose 31 more pounds. Exercise and low carbs helps because that results in lower insulin dosages and the less insulin we use, the more weight we can lose.

What are your comments? Have you heard this before?


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Bjay 2009-01-29 22:16:39 -0600 Report

I'm not a healthcare professional, but I'll let you know what I've read about insulin.

Insulin is just one small component in our complex hormonal systems. We all know that insulin escorts sugar into cells, but insulin has more functions than just that. And some of them sabotage us even more!

Another function of insulin is to tell the body to hold onto fat. Yet another is to signal for carb cravings. :(

This is worse the more insulin you use, so like Amy mentioned before - it's in your best interest to use just enough insulin to get the job done and try to use as little as possible to prevent excess cravings and such.

Now, it's not just insulin. If you visit my blog at bjaysblog.blogspot.com, you'll see some of my journey last year where I lost 30 pounds using juice and raw food.

I was able to go off my insulin (I'm type 2) and metformin. And it was great because I was having NO cravings.

Well, I decided I wanted to eat fruit so I restarted my metformin. INSTANT awful carb cravings!!!!!

I can't believe that the medicine I use for my diabetes, causes cravings for something that makes my diabetes worse. Did they realize it? Is it on purpose? Who knows, but knowledge is power and as I sit here craving crackers at least I can tell myself, it's the dang metformin.

loner_like_EEYORE 2009-01-21 23:59:55 -0600 Report

my dr recently had told me that there is a new insulin it is like Lantus -works just like it ..it is a long lasting insulin that is showing high results of helping insulin dependent people loose weight .i dont know what it is called but it is farley new .

Exray 2009-01-15 11:59:14 -0600 Report

No I have n ot heard of this, but I am gaining weight. What are other ways of loosing weight besides using less insulin?

Richard157 2009-01-16 14:30:14 -0600 Report

If you eat less and less carbs each day and also lower your calorie intake you will surely lose weight. I eat 0nly 130 carbs per day. I also exercise every day outdoors or on my treadmill. Reducing your carb intake will result in the need for less insulin. Less insulin then results in more weight loss. It all dovetails very nicely that way. It has worked well for me. You have to be very serious about it though. It isn't easy.

short1dr 2008-12-26 18:13:18 -0600 Report

Nope but it's good information.

Thank you.

Tetsa 2008-12-27 09:54:22 -0600 Report

I think you all are on shots. I am only on Metformin and Glimepiride, and I still have gained weight. I am so upset with myself. My Cardiologist is really on me to take the weight off. Any suggestions for a rookie like me? :)

Tetsa 2008-12-27 09:54:29 -0600 Report

I think you all are on shots. I am only on Metformin and Glimepiride, and I still have gained weight. I am so upset with myself. My Cardiologist is really on me to take the weight off. Any suggestions for a rookie like me? :)

Amy Tenderich
Amy Tenderich 2008-11-18 19:21:45 -0600 Report

I gained a little weight when I went on insulin, but not too much. I think part of the problem is that people also tend to eat more when they know they can "cover the carbs" with insulin.

Turning 40 is also a big factor in packing on a few extra pounds... ugh!

oetiki 2008-11-18 23:12:39 -0600 Report

10 years ago I gained about 30 pounds in less then two months. I was diagnozed with having a hypo thyroid after taking the medication for about 6 months I lost the weight and since them I have not gained any more weight. I also exercise 6 x week.

Bellemina 2008-12-06 23:42:20 -0600 Report

For everyone that is having weight gain problems I have been using the 40-30-30 approach I got all my info in a book called the formula by Gene and Joyce Daoust I have lost 126 pounds I eat alot and I am never hungry and I am on humalog insulin this nutritional approach is my diet consist of 40% carbs 40 % protein and 30% fat the carbs I eat are all healthy carbs I have never felt better I have constant energy and my mood is greatly improved

Lanore 2008-11-18 08:24:52 -0600 Report

Hi This is very interesting and it makes sense, I have been on insulin for abot 4 yrs, right now I only take 15 units at bed time and still I can't seem to lose. If the Dr's know that insulin makes you gain why not come up with something that would help your B/S numbers and help with the weight gain. My Dr is forever on my back about my weight and still she deosn't give me anything that would help. I have cut out pasta's and stuff like that a long time ago. Nothing is helping. Just really tried of being heavy. Thanks. Lanore ;-)

Richard157 2008-11-18 10:39:11 -0600 Report

Lanore, I gained 57 pounds in the mid 1990's and did not know it was the Humalog insulin that was causing it. I was eating low carb and exercising like I always had but I gained anyway. My insulin dosages were increasing because I was running high blood sugar. With the increased insulin there was even more weight gain until I maxed at a total of 57 pounds. Then I was diagnosed with insulin resistance even though I was Type 1. I am now a "double diabetic". I had to take Avandia to deal with the resistance problem. My insulin dosages returned to normal. I have reduced my carb intake to 130g per day and I walk 3 miles per day. I am 69 wit arthritis so that is about all the exercise I can comfortably handle. I have lost 26 pounds. I plan to eventually reduce my carb intake to 100g per day. I hope to lose considerably more weight by this time next year.

I hope this helps give you some ideas.
Good luck to you!


Lanore 2008-11-18 12:21:42 -0600 Report

Thank you Richard…it has. Do you just add up the carbs that you eat? Walking right now is hard as i also have arthritis in my back which makes walking very painful, and i know i should be doing it. Guess i will have to work thru the pain and push my self a little harder. Thanks again. Lanore ;-)

Richard157 2008-11-18 19:05:44 -0600 Report

That's right Lanore, I just add them up and I avoid high carb foods most of the time. I avoid all sugar unless I have a low and then i can eat just a small piece of candy but I usually use glucose tablets. I eat very small portions of potatoes, bread, pasta, pizza and other foods that are high in carbs. If I eat more than 130 carbs per day on a rehgular basis I start gaining weight.

I recommend a treadmill for you. Do you already have one? You can set your own speed and stop when you are tired. Start out slowly and don't do it too long at first. After a few weeks you might be walking at a faster speed and for longer times. You might buy a back brace at a drug store and that might help your back while you walk or do many other things too. Be sure to buy one that will fit around your body where you want to wear it.


Lanore 2008-11-19 09:07:25 -0600 Report

Thanks again Richard I will try this and see if it works for me. Not too sure about the tread mill yet but I am considering it, just not too sure as too where I will put one LOL Lanore ;-)

patti 2008-11-09 22:20:36 -0600 Report

I have been on insulin for 7 years now, I recently gained 35 pounds due to steroids for my back. Have been off the steroids since july and have lost all but 15 lbs. I do not eat any pasta, bread, or anything with wheat. I only drink coffee (with the caffiene) and water, sometimes flavored with slices of lemons, oranges, amd limes. My diet consists of vegetables meat, and fruit. My goal is to lose the rest by March. I excersize every day. I hope this can help others with the weight issues.

Brenda Kruse
Brenda Kruse 2008-11-04 18:43:53 -0600 Report

I was told by my endocrinologist that "insulin is a fat-binding hormone". Therefore, he suggested I just try to maintain. Well, that isn't working so well. LOL Your info is really interesting. I look forward to more comments. Blessings! Brenda

timmer 2008-11-09 22:02:16 -0600 Report


If you find a way to lose weight and still take insulin please let me know. I find myself hungry all the time. Yikes !!
I'm not liking this.


Brenda Kruse
Brenda Kruse 2008-11-29 19:43:31 -0600 Report

Hey, Tim. I'm told that the Metabolic Research Center (which is in most major cities) has a program for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. I guess it's a little expensive ($300 to sign up) and then a few products to aid in weight loss, but you eat normal foods. Some of my friends have lost major amounts of weight like 40-60 lbs. As soon as I have the extra money I'm going to try it. My Dr. has ok'd it. I'll call tomorrow and get the details and let you know. Right now I'd probably sell my right arm to get back to where I used to be. LOL My weight is probably the greatest problem I deal with regarding diabetes. :( I'll keep in touch. Blessings! Brenda

msann 2008-10-31 20:52:36 -0500 Report

hey, this is so true i am use insulin also was weighing 345 now down to 26, had diabetics since 2000, i go to curves three times a week, found new dr. 4 yrs ago have diabetic educator, i feel so much better, bsl level very good, let me know how your weight continue to go down ,have great day

Brenda Kruse
Brenda Kruse 2008-11-04 18:41:23 -0600 Report

I have gained about 50 pounds in the last few years, after holding my weight steady on insulin for over 40 years. I can't take it off now and I'm only on about 35-45 total units a day. Please tell me how you've accomplished this. I'm desperate, mostly due to my health, but partly my vanity. :) Thanks! Brenda

Anonymous 2008-10-31 11:44:12 -0500 Report

I had heard something to that effect but all I know is it hard to loose weight taking insulin. I hate it. I am exercising more, eating lower carbs, my numbers are great but I cannot loose hardly any.

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