National Diabetes Month

By medic673b Latest Reply 2011-11-07 23:19:04 -0600
Started 2011-11-01 21:56:57 -0500

I have dedicaed myself to walk 3 miles or more a day this month. I know no money for research will be raised but i do it not only for me but for my brothers and sisters who have gone on before me do to losing their fight I believe heaven has a special place for us and i am sure they are wting on me one day to welcome me home i challenge you to join me

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Caroltoo 2011-11-06 11:29:15 -0600 Report

Medic: This is a great choice! I love to walk and feel so much better when I do. When my husband had to start using a wheelchair, he missed it so much too. Guess we can walk for those who can't?! Thanks for sharing. Carol

jayabee52 2011-11-02 07:13:09 -0500 Report

Good for you michael. The pain of my "burning" diabetic neuropathy prevents me from joining you, but know I will be with you in spirit!

medic673b 2011-11-04 23:13:00 -0500 Report

i owe you an apology i did not think about those who might want to walk that much and cannot.i am sorry it is no piece of cake for me but i try and power through it i walked 4.1 miles today at 2pm and my feet still are killing me this is after 30mg lortab and 600mg neurotin

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