Low Carb Dishes for Thanksgiving

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I would usually put this in the News Articles, but alas…too many great things get lost in there. So here are some great ideas for a safe Thanksgiving feast.

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What will your table look like this year?

Let's face it: The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is not exactly diabetes-friendly. And if you're also trying to trim your waistline, ye olde turkey day feast is sure to sabotage those efforts, too. But that doesn't mean you can't have a delicious holiday meal. In fact, with these tips you won't feel deprived at all. Here are 10 great ways to carve carbs out of this year's holiday feast.

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All in all, our holiday meal is healthy at the bone. It is all the extras we add that mess it up. I do my green beans in balsamic vinegar with some slivered almonds. I also have a great carrot soup that is so nice and different. Pumpkin is great for us, so are cranberries. Just find ways to use them without the crust and sugar. Don't let the holiday stress you out. Have a plan, and have some fun.