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Burning calories is not easy—it takes a lot of energy and effort to remove huge amounts of fat, but with the help of green tea extracts you can easily speed up the burning process. Researchers have discovered that drinking a cup of green tea daily will boost your metabolism from 8 to 14 percent, that’s why they highly recommend it to those who are looking for a quick method to lose fat.
Tea is made from Camellia Sinesis and has three main varieties: green, black and oolong. The difference between these types is their concentration levels of polyphenol antioxidants. The more polyphenols there are in the ingredients, the better the fat-burning effects and benefits will be. Green tea is a rich source of this particular antioxidant, that’s why it is considered as one of the best weight loss alternatives available in the market today.
Green tea originates from Asia, mainly from China and other neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea. Asians in general have slim bodies, good skin complexions and higher life expectancy rates, and this is because drinking tea has become part of their culture for several centuries. In the past, this herbal beverage was normally consumed for its healing qualities, but ever since more benefits have been discovered, it has become an all-around remedy. So if you include it in your diet, you’ll not only be reducing fat but you’ll also be cleansing and protecting your body from various diseases.
Exercising will help you burn calories, but if you exercise and take green tea every day, you’ll have more chances of getting your body in shape. Your friends will be surprised the next time they see you because you’ll look much younger and sexier. They’ll want to know what supplements you took to achieve those results, and when you say you only drank tea, they’ll be desperate to try it out themselves!
So you if you want to have a healthier, slimmer and more youthful body, go ahead and get some of this amazing tea today! For just a small amount of money, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that this beverage brings. Compare that to all the expensive weight loss supplements that do not really deliver the results they strongly claim. With green tea, you’ll not only save a lot of money but also attain a great-looking body within a short period of time!
Looking for the most natural and effective way to keep your body in shape? Then a green tea diet is the perfect solution for you! There have been discoveries and reports that green tea extracts can increase your metabolism, therefore helping you burn fat and lose weight much faster. Now, isn’t that amazing? It’s also completely safe and economical to drink because it’s 100% natural and a lot cheaper than other weight loss supplements.
Green tea has long been considered as a natural remedy for pain and other medical problems. It has been used even during the ancient times, and it still continues to perform wonders for us today. Aside from its healing capabilities, this herbal drink also contains antioxidants that protect you from free-radicals and slow down the aging process. So it does not only help you lose fat but makes you look younger as well.
Researchers believed that the normal rate of burning calories from 8-10%, but when they experimented with the tea, they were thrilled with the results because the percentage reached up to 14%. This outcome can be achieved if you drink the beverage on a daily basis, ideally during daytime because that’s when your metabolism works best.
One of the reasons why green tea boosts the burning of calories is because it contains a special ingredient called catechin that prevents free-radicals from damaging your body after a heavy workout. The beverage also has large quantities of potent antioxidants which help fight aging. These natural elements protect us from harmful diseases and illness while keeping our bodies fit at the same time.
For the best results, drink one cup of tea every day after every meal and soon you’ll notice your body has become much slimmer and healthier. Being in shape not only increases your self-esteem but also makes you feel good inside because the herbal ingredients are always cleansing your system from bacteria.
This herbal weight loss drink should always be part of your daily intake so that you can take advantage of its natural elements and achieve a sexier body in no time. Whether you’re a body builder or just someone who wants to get rid of unwanted fat, a green tea diet is the right answer for you! Now you don’t need to waste your money on ineffective products because you can easily stay fit with this wonderful tea.
So why not get yourself a green tea diet today so you can receive the amazing benefits from one the world’s most famous beverages and medical remedies. It’s Mother Nature’s gift to keep you healthy and in shape!
Rumor has it that Green Tea can help with weight loss. However, the rumors, like so many other diet secrets, may just be a fad that is being passed around in order to promote green tea as a product. If you want proof to see if green tea really is all that it promises, then you can look at some of the weight loss studies on green tea to find the legitimacy of the substance. The studies that have been provided all point to the same fact; Green Tea is a good supplement for helping with weight loss.
One of the weight loss studies that have been done for green tea began with monitoring individuals who drank green tea, showing the effects that were a part of the continuous part of green tea. It was shown that for those that drank green tea continuously for three months, were able to loose more body fat than those who were using regular exercise and weight loss routines without the green tea.
The study that was done showed that the support for weight loss came from a substance in green tea known as Catechin. This particular part of the extract of green tea works with the chemicals in the body that naturally trigger communication to the brain. Catechin will tell the body that it needs to speed up the metabolism and begin to burn more calories. This particular study has been considered as completely legitimate and has become a study that has been highlighted in places such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Other studies have supported this particular scientific knowledge on green tea, showing that both humans and animals react to the green tea in the same way. Another weight loss study on green tea, conducted at the Linus Pauling Institute, showed that the Catechin triggered specific areas of the brain for weight loss. Specifically, it moved to the Thermogenesis area of the brain. This particular area is one that communicates with the metabolism, telling it to produce more energy for the body. This particular effect from this study was then compared to caffeine. It was shown that green tea is more effective than any type of caffeinated drink in helping the body to produce more energy.
Of course, all of the studies state that green tea can not work alone for weight loss. It is a beneficial supplement for those that have a well-rounded routine and are working towards loosing weight. By adding it into the program, it can work with the other areas that you have in order to produce the best benefits of green tea.
If you are working towards loosing weight, and want to know exactly what you need to use to be effective in your routines, then adding green tea as a supplement can be effective. As science promises and points out with the weight loss studies on green tea, there are specific benefits and triggers that can work effectively with what you need to gain control of your weight loss.
The simple fact that green tea has been used to treat a wide range of ailments for more than four thousand years indicates that this natural ingredient is indeed special. Even though green tea has been a traditional medicine among the Asians for all of the past four thousand years, it is only in the past few years that scientific research into the medicinal properties of green tea has been carried out.
The findings of these studies have shown that indeed, green tea possess various curative and therapeutic features. Scientific research in both Asia and the west is providing firm confirmation and evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea.
It has also been found that in addition to boosting one’s vitality, green tea diet has properties which assist with weight loss. To date, a lot of scientific investigations have been carried out to establish the benefits of green tea diets. The outcome of these studies is positive; showing that indeed green tea diet is a healthy and effective way to lose weight.
What are the key benefits associated with green tea diet? Firstly, it’s a possible cure for cancer. Based on some studies which have been carried out in the past, some specific substances in green tea diet can wipe out cancer cells with no harm to other healthy tissues in the body.
The very essential substance in green tea diets which gives it these healing properties is called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Green tea is rich in these EGCG anti-oxidants. EGCG slows down and stops the growth of new cancer cells in the body. It also kills some existing cancer cells without harming normal cells. Additionally, EGCG is also apparently effective at stopping blood clots formation which has been known to cause thrombosis, which in turn causes stokes and heart attacks.
Some American and Swiss scientists carried out a study which also show that the EGCG antioxidants found in green tea diets can accelerate energy expenditure is a body. The conclusion of their study was that given the ability of antioxidants in green tea diet to stimulate thermogenesis (fat metabolism) is effective for losing weight. The study carried out by these scientists showed that people who were on a green tea diet showed a considerable 4% increase in their normal metabolic rates. This led the scientists to conclude that the diet has a major contributing factor in weight loss because it boosts the metabolic rate.
In a separate study that was carried out in China to further examine green tea diet’s weight loss benefits, the findings confirmed the initial conclusion that green tea indeed can assist with weight loss. In this Chinese study, it was established that green tea diet can considerably boost fat metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels. In a case study which they carried out, these scientists observed that when a green tea diet was introduced to a group of 240 people with moderate to very high cholesterol levels, after only three months, they observed that those on a green tea diet dropped 16% in their cholesterol levels. The drink is a possible cure for obesity.
In addition, the green tea diet is also extensively acknowledged as a substance that can defend the body against many different cancers such as stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the colon, oral cancer, prostate cancer, and breast and cervical cancers. All these various types of cancer can be cured by green tea.
Green tea is definitely an extraordinary drink which helps lose weight and boost one’s health and vitality in many ways. In recent years, it has also been proved that it can successfully defend the skin from damage due to ultraviolet light radiation.
Green tea diet is indeed the miracle brew that has many benefits. The fact that it is a natural ingredient further makes it safe to consume in the long term.
For many years now, several benefits are attributed to drinking green tea. Today, researchers have come up with newer proofs to solidify the belief that green tea can be used as a treatment for obesity and for weight loss.
It is held that more than half of the American population have weight problems or are obese. Conditions like these are almost always linked to certain complications like heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease, and hypertension. Weight loss can aid in assuaging the symptoms of some of these conditions.
Scientists have tirelessly investigated the weight loss benefits of green tea. They have found that green tea can actually enhance the total amount of energy spent by the body. From their findings, they were able to deduce that green tea has great potential for a weight loss benefit.
Other researches were able to confirm the weight loss benefit of green tea. A recent study at the University of Geneva had the conclusion that, “Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se.” Where before it was generally believed that the caffeine content in green tea is the reason for its weight loss benefit, this recent study deviated from that theory. Green tea has other substances in them that are helpful in weight loss.
The same team who conducted the study on green tea’s caffeine content and weight loss banded together in Switzerland to perform another experiment. They were still able to come up with the same results – that green tea has several thermogenic attributes that make it perfect to use in any weight loss program.
Green tea reduces body fat accretion caused by high-fat diet in rats through beta-adrenoceptor activation of thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. Conducted by chief scientist J.J. Choo of the Department of Food and Nutrition, Kunsan National University, this study aimed to find out if green tea can suppress body fat and to find out whether this suppression is connected with thermogenesis spurred by the body’s beta-adrenoceptor being activated.
To investigate the weight loss benefit of green tea on rats, the scientists placed their subjects on a high-fat diet and provided them with green tea extract. It was discovered that even though the rats were on a high-fat diet, the green tea extract counterbalanced fat gain without affecting the amount of energy they took in. Green tea was said to have shown some weight loss benefits in the fact that it can prevent fat from being stored, can increase protein levels, and promote thermogenesis by triggering beta-adrenoceptor to action.
Recent findings of green tea extract AR25 (Exolise) and its activity for the treatment of obesity. This study is a collaborative work between Doctors P. Chantre and D. Lairon of the Laboratoires Arkopharma in Carros, France. Published in the 2002 issue of Phytomedicine, this study aimed to find out if green tea extract has weight loss benefits and can be a potential cure for obesity.
In their study, they used an 80% ethanolic concentrate in green tea extract with standardized 25% catechins. They tested the green tea extract and were able to find that it could directly inhibit gastric and pancreatic lipases. These enzymes are the primary cause of fat storage and by delaying their actions; green tea extract therefore exhibits a weight loss benefit that can help solve obesity problems.
It was also discovered in this study that green tea can stimulate thermogenesis. Given to moderately obese patients, the green tea extract was said to have caused a decrease in weight by 4.6% and a reduction of waist circumference by 4.48% after only three months. The findings of the study clearly implicate the weight loss benefits of green tea.
Most people think only of positive benefits of green tea. However, while this type of tea does offer some excellent benefits, many directly related to health, it is also important to understand there are some negative effects of green tea leaves. Just as with many foods and drinks we consume, green tea may not be good for everyone. Therefore, we wanted to address some of the negative effects of green tea leaves so you can determine if this is right for you.
Green tea comes from a bush in the Camellia family, which is why the official name for green tea is Camellia sinensis, which is Latin. This evergreen bush has shiny, pointed leaves that have a wonderful aroma. This particular bush also produces beautiful white flowers. Today, green tea is grown in more than 50 countries to include Argentina, Brazil, and Russia, among others.
The exciting thing about this tea is that study after study shows positive effects on the body, meaning the negative effects of green tea leaves is minimal. For instance, green tea contains powerful antioxidants that have been proven to help fight various forms of cancer, as well as tooth decay, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Because of the amazing benefits, the level of consumption for green tea has skyrocketed throughout the globe.
Now, when it comes to the negative effects of green tea leaves, we want to start with pregnant women – their ehr is often more diverse than any other demographic because they are living for two. Although most doctors agree that a small consumption of green tea is fine but when large amounts are consumed, caffeine can increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, low birth rate, and even growth retardation. Keep in mind that these risks are associated with the beverage of green tea, as well as supplements.
EGCG molecules, which are similar to a methotrexate compound, work by fighting off cancer cells by bonding with the dihydrofolate reductase enzyme, which is good in non-pregnant women. However, in pregnant women, the negative effects of green tea leaves involves involve the epigallocatechins, otherwise known as EGCG. In this situation, EGCG can affect the way in which the body uses folate, which is vital in the prevention of neural tube birth defects.
Nursing women should also consider the negative effects of green lea leaves. Remember, green tea is high in caffeine. Therefore, a woman who is breastfeeding and consuming green tea would be passing the caffeine on to the baby. Even small amounts or green tea powder used for baking, smoothies, and other foods should be avoided while nursing a baby.
In addition, negative effects of green tea leaves would link to individuals who have allergies. In this case, someone who is caffeine sensitive could develop problems such as hives and rash from consuming green tea. With caffeine being a stimulant that affects the central nervous system, other problems could result such as insomnia, excessive urination, reduction of potassium levels, and even incontinence. Just keep in mind that if you have any concerns about negative effects of green tea leaves for you, we recommend that you talk to your doctor or a health food specialist.
Green tea has become very popular due to the essential health benefits it brings. It has a very long history in being used by Asians as traditional medicine for many years. In addition to adding to one’s vitality, in recent years scientific research has also shown that green tea can help with weight loss.
The green tea diet is different from all other tea diets because its liquid is extracted by steaming the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant as opposed to full oxidation. As a result, the green tea diet preserves a lot more antioxidants for the body to use. The fact that green tea is a natural ingredient makes it a healthy drink which anyone can drink with no long term harmful side effects, unlike other drugs for weight loss.
What are the key health benefits of green tea diet?
The green tea can diet can help fight the signs of aging since it contains big amounts vitamins C and E which are antioxidants. This marvelous drink is an outstanding source of polycatechin polyphenols, antioxidants that can fight free radicals that damage cells. Heart attacks, cancer and diabetes are some of the diseases that can be caused by damaged cell membranes. Due to green tea diet’s polycatechin polyphenols, a person has a better chance of evading ailments and keeping himself healthy for a much longer period of time. One can get better vitality by simply drinking green tea diet.
There are currently ongoing studies on another antioxidant which is available in green tea diet which can potentially cure cancer. Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG found in green tea diet has been discovered to destroy cancer cells while keeping surrounding healthy cells unharmed. By simply drinking green tea diet, one can also reduce the risk of cancer.
Some studies in recent years have also shown that drinking green tea can help lose some weight. It has been noted by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that with the consumption of green tea diet, the body’s total 24-hour energy expenditure is boosted by up to 4%. Green tea diet helps increase the body’s metabolic rates. With its thermogenic properties, it is only natural that green tea diet can also promote faster metabolism of fats and sugars. With the green tea diet, one can therefore lose weight without doing a workout at the gym.
Green tea can also help your body fight any infections. Some recent studies have shown that drinking tea increases the immunity system, thus strengthening the body’s ability to fight diseases.
In recent years, the green tea diet has also been proved to lower blood pressure and also help asthma sufferers. Green tea contains theophylline which can help muscles surrounding bronchial tubes to relax, thus helping asthma sufferers to breathe easier.
With all these benefits of green tea diet, why should you pass up on boosting your body’s vitality and lose weight at the same time?
Are there any downside effects to green tea diet? Even though green tea diet has a reputation for boosting health, scientific evidence of its health benefits are rather mixed.
In an article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, American researchers collaborated with their Chinese counterparts to discuss the positive effects of green tea diet on cholesterol levels. Using a sample of 240 men and women (average age 55) who possess moderate to high LDL cholesterol levels, the researchers instructed them to retain their usual low-fat diet, green tea diet intake, and activity levels. After three months, those who consumed green tea diet extract with their regular meals lost more than 15% of their total LDL cholesterol levels. This finding therefore further supported the benefits of green tea.
Based on recent studies and experience, the general consensus is that green tea offers several health benefits and also help with losing weight.
Dieting generally involves eating well and exercising. Green tea diet, like all other diets, needs a lot of effort and commitment for those who try it. This diet requires both discipline and dedication for it to make any significant impact on your weight loss goals. With the green tea diet, you lose weight and also keep your body healthy.
Today, most people have heard about green tea, learning about the many benefits offered. For instance, green tea helps fight cancer, lower bad cholesterol, fight tooth decay, reduce weight, and lower high blood pressure. While these benefits are proven facts coming from in-depth studies performed around the world, the properties of green tea are not completely understood by most consumers.
As you will discover in this article, the properties of green tea are basic but powerful. First, green tea originates from various Asian countries to include Japan and China. The leaves are removed and used as the tea, usually by being steamed rather than boiling as we do in the United States. Additionally, green tea leaves can be dried and made into powder form used for baking, cooking, and even developed into supplement form via tablet or capsule.
Regardless of the form, the properties of green tea are what we find so fascinating. Keep in mind that while you will find different forms and strength of green tea, the properties of green tea do not change unless you purchase a product blended with other tea or ingredients. The primary benefit is antioxidant properties of green tea. In addition, each leaf contains caffeine, theanine, an amino acid, catechin, chlorophyll, butyric acid, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, F, P, and U, and minerals to include saponin, saccharides, and pectin.
In addition to the obvious benefits, remember that the ingredients are natural, making green tea use even more attractive. However, the way in which the tea is processed could change the base structure of the properties. As mentioned, Asian people steam the leaves, which mean the properties of the green tea are unchanged. Therefore, the benefits by consuming green tea are much greater than when the leaves are boiled.
Since the antioxidant properties of green tea are the most valuable, we want to address them. A number of studies show lipid peroxidation is inhibited up to six times more consuming green tea than other types of tea. Lipid peroxidation is a reference to the oxidative degeneration of lipids in which free radicals rob important electrons from the lipids found in cell membranes. When this occurs, cells are damaged.
The properties of green tea also include catechine, an active ingredient that performs up to ten times better than beta carotene and vitamin C in cleaning out alkyl peroxyl radicals. Another of the green tea properties known as polyphenols has been proven more powerful than antioxidants found in rosemary, curcumin, and vitamins C and E. Broken down, this means oxidants within the body are found and cleaned before cell damage occurs. Other benefits to this green tea property are the reduction and elimination of cancer cells.
In addition, properties of green tea help grow strong nails and hair, as well as prevent tooth decay by killing off bacteria that causes plaque. In addition to eliminating problems with cavities, bad breath is also stopped. The bottom line is that properties found within green tea have multiple impacts on the body, all good

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