Arm Yourself with the facts: FDA: Halloween Candy; You and your Children

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First;Try not to let your children eat any candy before you go through it and arm yourself with all the facts from recalls on FDA website. Keep yourself safe, and don't give in to temptation. Hard to do, but if you do some self talking during the day, maybe you will be able to sway yourself the right day.
Second: Very important; Check candy, fruit, cookies: anything your children may bring home. Don't use any candy that may be compromised like, the sweet and sour straws; probably any lose candy is a good idea to stray away from. Keep your kids safe; Only take them to homes where you know the people well.
Third: Check the FDA website for the recent candy recalls, because there have been some on the news, and it is important to know this before your children eat any candy.

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