Anniversary of Diabetes

Debe Pendice
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Started 2008-10-31 06:13:55 -0500

When were you first diagnosed with Diabetes?

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anitamusser 2008-11-01 19:27:03 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed in 1985 when i was 28. I wll be 51 on Nov 3, so i have made it 23 years. That is not too bad if i have to say so myself.

patti 2008-10-31 06:21:09 -0500 Report

February 1995 is my anniversary date Way to go Debe!!! Diabetes is not a death sentence!!!

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-10-31 06:15:56 -0500 Report

Today October 31st. Its 46 years for me today. Who said Diabetes is a death sentence. I'm proof its not…Debe

momoftype1 2008-11-02 10:36:40 -0600 Report

Hey Debe-
you are definately the proof in the pudding!!! Way to go-you are an inspiration to everyone on this site! My daughter looks up to you and loves talking with you :-)