Brown blotches on lower legs

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Started 2011-10-29 02:39:49 -0500

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone else has brownish blotches on their calves, I have them all over the front and outside of both legs, and they are huge, it looks like i have black and blue marks all over my legs, it is embarassing and I'm sick of it. First they told me i have erythma nodosum, now they say necrobiosis lipordica diabeticorum. They don't give you alot of hope that these huge discolorations can go away. I was wondering if anyone knows or had luck with any treatments for this? Also, if I lose weight and get rid of diabetes will they go away? Thanks alot!

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Kirla 2011-10-29 12:34:00 -0500 Report

Before being diagnosed my legs looked awful. Wouldn’t wear shorts outside the house. Small cuts and sores took like a year to heal. Maybe longer. Then when I stopped eating high carb starchy foods my blood sugar approached normal numbers in about 4-6 weeks. Went from fasting numbers in the 300’s to around 100. After several months of real good blood sugar control my legs started to look normal again. That summer was even able to start wearing shorts again. Keeping blood sugar as close to normal as possible should help most people. Some people ignore this disease and the damage gets irreversible. Hopefully you got time to heal some.

jayabee52 2011-10-29 08:34:59 -0500 Report

I don't have brown spots the spots I have is pink.

I asked my Dr about it and she told me what she thinks it is, but unfortunately I forgot the name of the condition. She also Rx'd a cream to rub on the spot but it got lost in my move from CA to NV. Whatever it is the shape of the spot changes, and if I bump it ever so slightly I start bleeding. I'm going to have to ask Dr to remind me what it is again, and what it was she Rx'd for it.

muffin1102 2011-10-30 22:46:06 -0500 Report

Mine are mostly brown and cover a good part of both my calves, but they do sort of look pink at times, it's just weird. : (

peanutnovo 2011-10-29 09:28:47 -0500 Report

I here it's ur b.d. but not a good one, I hope that things go well 4 u & ur family. Try 2 have a good b.d.. My prayer's r with u & ur family, I hope that ur son is doing ok, & hope that his recovery is going well? I myself have 3 children & if I found out about any serious conditions with any of them I would go out of my mind. I can't even imagine what u r going through, but anytime u want someone 2 talk 2 4 support or information, (which I'm sure u've already done a lot of research), reply 2 my inbox. Oh, does ur son have ADHD?

eristar 2011-10-29 06:09:09 -0500 Report

Hi, Muffin - I have brownish blotches on my lower legs, as well; I never asked about them - figured they were overgrown ago spots (grin). I don't know what they are from, just wanted you to know you are not alone!

muffin1102 2011-10-30 22:44:37 -0500 Report

Thanks for the reply, I sort of do feel like I'm the only one with this and I get tired of people asking me what happened! Take care!

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