Is it just dry skin?

By kyladee Latest Reply 2008-10-31 19:34:13 -0500
Started 2008-10-30 18:16:24 -0500

Hello, I've only recently been diagnosed w/type 2 diabetes and have to take insulin shots. My question for anyone who can help me: is it part of the diabetes to have very dry, even scaly skin and feet? I've put lotion on, it doesn't seem to make a difference. Is there anyone who can help with this growing problem I'm experiencing? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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GabbyPA 2008-10-31 19:34:13 -0500 Report

I started having dry skin where I never was dry before. I am curesed with oily skin. So a lot of the lotions with oils just grease me up. I found Aveeno oatmeal body wash gives me all day moisture and no oil. I love it. I also use Flexitol Heel balm for rough feet. I apply it at night and put my socks on and that helps so much.

Anonymous 2008-10-31 12:29:41 -0500 Report

As you get better control and you use a great moisturizing lotion the skin will improve. I have been using the Eucerin Body wash for dry skin and it leaves my skin softer, plus I use the Eucerin lotion all over the body. I am less dry feeling. not so much itchy either.