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I recently found out i am a diabetic! I am so confused by this. A little sad as well. I cant seem to bring my number down. i dont know what is good to eat and not. UGH! just totally confused HELP!

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Set apart
Set apart 2011-10-29 20:44:21 -0500 Report

I was recently diagnosed with type 1 about 2 months ago and know exactly how you feel. I still get sad some days I think it is normal of course it is is. I still cry but I know that I have to learn what works for me I am not in any way one to advise about what to eat cuz I am still learning. I read a lot and am really working at trying to find a balance with this and to understand everything that is going on with me. I check my sugar levels up to 7 times a day and more if I feel weird. I need to know what is going on. Take care and know that we are all in this together. This website has helped me a lot although I still am learning how to use it. Good luck. I eat 1 low whole wheat carb tortillas with egg whites, low fat cheese, and 1/2 apple with a little bit of natural peanut butter. It seems to work for me. Good luck.

russellstamets 2011-10-29 10:36:53 -0500 Report

I think Moe is exactly right. It might sound crazy, but this disease could extend your life. We know we don't die from diabetes, only from the "complications". Well, guess what? These "complications are the same things that kill most non-diabetics too— cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, etc. We diabetics just get the wake up call early. We're motivated NOW, 20 years earlier than most, while there's still time for a radical diet, activity and overall lifestyle change to repair and IMPROVE our body. Just try and be done with the sad thing ASAP. The mental game is critical. You can't take your body to a healthy place and be a vicitim at the same time.

As for how to eat? You'll find as many opinions as there are diabetics. I'm a 51 year old with LADA, a type of diabetes that they say needs insulin but that I control without it, using metformin, diet, activity, stress reduction, and a few supplements. I was A1c 11.1 in May 2009 and am now 5.4. My blog has lots o details of my method, but basically it's all meant to keep my mind and body calm and consistent. I just test once in the morning for long term tracking, never to freak out about. I eat all day, oatmeal in the morning, banana and almonds for snacking, chicken/lettuce whole wheat tortilla wrap and apple for lunch, similar dinner. No dairy, only grilled meat, Only whole grains. No alcohol. Only morning caffeine. Strict, I know. But my body's lovin' me.

You can do this! Good Luck. Russell http://russellstamets.blogspot.com

MoeGig 2011-10-29 09:51:09 -0500 Report

Believe it or not, this is the best disease you could possibly get if you had to get one. Why do I say that? It's the only disease where the outcome is totally up to you. If you educate yourself and follow the rules, you can live a normal life and avoid most, if not all, complications. If you don't, then life can really be miserable, expensive, and debilitating. The results are 98% totally up to you. Think of any other disease—(like any of the cancers, heart disease, ms, etc), you may be able to help avoid complications, but your ability to control the outcome on those diseases is minimum in most cases. The main thing you must do with diabetes is get educated quickly and don't let your body start to deteriorate before you get your act together. The deterioration is not reversible, so you need to get your A1c in the 6's immediately if not sooner. Good luck. Your welcome to check out some of my experiences at http://typeonediabetic45.blogspot.com/

Dana Kay
Dana Kay 2011-10-28 23:13:45 -0500 Report

Hi again Esme,

Another thought to add to my comments below. Try your local hospital (or if you live in a small town, go to a neighboring large city hospital) and see if they have a support group. They should have free informative classes to help support you during this challenging time.

Believe me, I know this is a scary time, but knowledge is power and the more you learn, the more empowered you will feel.

I wish you all the best.

BevK 2011-10-27 23:30:43 -0500 Report

You need to get with an endrocroniligist,and enroll in some classes Diabetic Classes Sweetie!Talk to your family Dr about finding this info out for you. Good luck!! Smiles : )!!

MEGriff1950 2011-10-27 16:03:28 -0500 Report

Esme, I understand your sadness. When I was diagnosed with type 2 I called my friend and asked her to come to where I was working. When she got there I took up smoking again. For years I struggled with my diabetes. Finally my dr sent me to a diabetes education class on July 7th, 2011. Oh my, I thought I knew all I needed to know… I found out that I didn't. I learned why I needed to eat 3 meals a day and that I needed to eat 45 grams of carbs with each meal in order get my blood sugars in control. My best tools for gaining control have been my meter, my meal plan and my journal. I keep track of all foods and blood sugars plus times in my journal. This helps me find the foods that I can't eat, those that I should only eat a small amount of and the ones that are good for me. I found I can't eat rice, only a little bread on rare occasion but potatoes are a good carb for me.
Keep reading the posts here you will find a wealth of information. The American Diabetes Association site has a lot of information too.

KellyJo76 2011-10-27 15:28:45 -0500 Report

Did they tell you what Type? 1 or 2? I was diagnosed incorrectly as a 2 and could not get my numbers down either … it wasn't until I went in for the antibody test that I found out I was a type 1.

bjwarren123 2011-10-27 10:51:49 -0500 Report

Esme, where do you live? I too have had a great deal of difficulty with affording the diabetes education and supplies and medicines that I need. I have had a great deal of success in getting almost all of them for free. Sometimes it depends on where you live as well as your family's income. I would be happy to provide you with some information. I requested to be your friend, you may feel free to message me for ore information. Best of luck!!!

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-10-27 06:38:46 -0500 Report

If finances/insurance permit, see if you can get into a Diabetes Self-management program (if one is available in your area). Also see if there is a Diabetes Support Group in your area. They are usually free and are just as valuable as your health care professional. Go to the recipe section of this website for tons of good recipes that are tailored for our needs.
Don't be sad. You will find out that you will be able to eat everything you eat now. You will have to watch your portions but you should be able to eat it all.
Good luck and Godspeed.

Dana Kay
Dana Kay 2011-10-27 00:07:10 -0500 Report

I'm relatively new to the world of diabetes, too. I was just (mis)diagnosed earlier this year with Type 2 and turns out it is Type 1 after further testing of my autoimmune system.

I found a great nutritionist along with my endocrinologist and that dream team has made a world of difference in making this major life change. I was able to control my glucose levels solely through diet and exercise for several months before the Type 1 emergence. I've eliminated wheat/gluten and starchy foods and reduced my dairy intake and obviously sugar. It's made a HUGE difference.

We're all different with our own unique chemical makeup and I don't claim to know what's best for you, but I really highly recommend getting the support of a nutritionist or dietician. He/she can help you deal with your body's needs. The power of food is intense! Also, something as simple as daily long walks can make a big difference in bringing your numbers down.

Good luck with your journey and breathe deeply!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-10-26 13:41:54 -0500 Report

Beating my A1C of 9.8 is not good. I know we like to win, but in this game, lower is better! Cheap advice. Watch you carb intake, eliminate soda and sweet foods for starters.

Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2011-10-26 11:45:46 -0500 Report

One of your greatest tools will be your Blood Glucose (BG) meter, after you have been testing for a while you will start to see certain foods that will "spike" your readings and what to stay away from when you plan your diet.


Mickey/CCHT 2011-10-26 09:51:26 -0500 Report

I'm just learning how to control my diet also. It is very confusing. What i've learned so far is laying off high sugar drinks such as soda's, mine was arizona green tea with honey! I got rid of that. I cut bread down to nothing, and if i do eat bread i make it one that has whole wheat. More complex carbs is better for you. Enriched white flour, white rice and reg.potatoes are not good. One of my new favorite things is tuna fish on rice cakes. I use a little lite miracle whip to make up the tuna. It is filling, the tuna has lots of protien(very good for you) and does not spike my #'s. Also eating fresh veggies with protien helps. These are things i've just learned from reading my labels, so important, and getting advice on this site. Hang in there, it will get better as long as you work on it. Also, check with your local health dept. alot of the times they can help on a sliding scale. so if your broke, you don't pay! I hope this helps in some way. Hang in there and don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any ?'s, or just need to vent! God Bless you, Mickey

Esme_1986 2011-10-26 11:16:08 -0500 Report

Thank you so muuch mickey! That helps a lot :) I love this website!

lacat87 2011-10-29 11:47:07 -0500 Report

Hi Esme! Thanks for joining us. You will find a plethora of help, suggestions, etc. It's a good idea to pay it forward too. I suggested this site to a friend who has the same situation as I when it comes to diabetes and how we came by it. Long story won't bore you with it. Education is power like the others said. I sincerely hope you can find your way around your diabetes and get powerful with it.

vaughn6500 2011-10-26 06:49:03 -0500 Report

first thing you should do is to find an ENDOCRINOLOGIST so that he or she can give you the treatment that you need then a DIETICIAN so that she can teach you how to eat SMART. I know I did & my BLOOD GLUCOSE level went down 50 points after 45 days. I was also recently diagnosed as a T2 diabetic on June 2011 wherein I started taking my meds on the 5th of July 2011.

night-hawk 2011-10-26 01:54:20 -0500 Report

I wouls like to tell you what I am starting to do help me bring numbers down

I starting to have fast foods sheese not to have on my meals or hamburgers ether that bring down my number down

I watched my suger in take too . I eat more of the fat free stuff more of the vegetables if i do go to fast food I say take off the sauces of the meal or burger that will bring it down alot

I hop this helps you out esme_1986

sweetbelle 2011-10-25 21:50:42 -0500 Report

There are some fabulous recipes out there… especially if you like to cook. There are a bunch of cookbooks with tasty healthy recipes too. Look all over the internet too. There's all kinds of information that will help you. Talk to your doctor about classes. Most of your hospitals have classes too. My whole family has to support each other because we are all diabetic. Just be sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (more veggies than fruits). Keep your breads and fats to a minumum. Get plenty of exercise. I don't get enough but you have to try.

dIDYMUS 2011-10-25 21:24:05 -0500 Report

Check out the recipes, I find them too many ingredients to deal with. I sent to the simple ones, really just good judgement. Easy on the carbs, little bread, lots of salads, berries, and I am not a big meat eater, but a little piece of steak is great with sweep potato's, or baked fries (sweet Potato). I had a parfiet sp? at our getaway to Gateway Co. and it was granola, blueberries, rasberries, yogurt and all layered. I treated my self to 1/2 english muffin. I am learning how to eat, and it is probably the way it should have been for the last 20 years. I had a wonderful piece of Gouda Cheese today, and didn't do anything to my numbers. Cottage cheese and tomatoes make a great lunch, maybe with a couple of "good cracker" or not. It seems really hard at first, but just keep reading and trying to figure out your best stuff. I like to eat simply, and that seems to reduce the stress of the bit NO! Good luck

rhonda80 2011-10-25 20:09:34 -0500 Report

I was reading the advise you were getting from everyone and one thing that I think may help you cost wise with the doctors is applying for medicaid. That way you can see an endocrinologist and a nutritionist and get all the professional opinions and help with your diet. One thing that I don't remember reading also is-after a meal with higher carbs take a nice walk to help keep the numbers down.

Young1s 2011-10-29 12:19:51 -0500 Report

So true. Even with the struggle I have been having with my levels, the one thing I have noticed is that if I take a walk (or just out and about for the day), it really does bring my levels down. Don't know why I had forgotten to mention that. Great advise.

Young1s 2011-10-25 16:16:11 -0500 Report

I may not be much help as I too have been newly diagnosed, beginning of this month, and have been struggling with ridiculously high levels. What I can say is that asking questions like this will lead to some good advice and words of encouragement.

It seems that the consensus is, it's going to take a little time for our bodies to react and adjust to the new meds and lifestyle changes. But keep pressing on. Doing research, working with your doctors and the support from wherever you can get it will help in the long run. Hope this is somewhat comforting.

alanbossman 2011-10-25 16:10:02 -0500 Report

Hi Esme and welcome to DC family you can eat everything in smaller potion size meals, but most white bread,white rice,white potatoes,and most things that are high in carbs should be avoid,walking helps to bring down numbers. What meds are you on, it takes a while for the meds to get in your system to help with your numbers sometimes it my take a month for the meds to work.

byrun 2011-10-25 16:07:37 -0500 Report

When were you diagnosed? What are you doing to control your diabetes? Have you seen a nutrionist yet? What kinds of foods are in your diet? Where are your BG#'s? I'm sorry if this seems like at lot of personal questions but, just trying to get an idea of where you are coming from. It is confusing to begin but you will figure it out. There are so many people here that can help you, from the experience of their life stories, living with diabetes.

Esme_1986 2011-10-25 16:13:10 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed about 4 months ago. I went to a clinic and did a full diabetes exam…BG#? my A1c is 11.3 after this i havent seen a doctor just because of the whole Insurance stuff. I am a full time student and work partime. so its a little hard to go see all these expensive doctors.

annapolansky 2011-10-27 06:10:03 -0500 Report

some community health centers will help,depending where u live,i have the same problem,the stuff isn't cheap, i went to a community health center an they gave me my insulin and a bag of needles. yuo should check it out

byrun 2011-10-25 16:23:17 -0500 Report

BG = blood glucose #'s. Do you have a blood glucose testing meter? As Alan said, mostly avoid high starch foods. Eat smaller portions, get plenty of exercise, cut back on soda's…even the diet ones. Read the information at the top left corner of this or the home page. Ask all the questions you can think of here, on this site.

Esme_1986 2011-10-25 16:25:19 -0500 Report

I did start taking flaxseed, drinking it as a tea and my levels have gone down within an hour to like 250 but i guess its my diet.

byrun 2011-10-25 16:30:42 -0500 Report

WOW! Many people are able to control their #'s by diet and exercise alone. I hope that will be the case for you. Have you had a follow-up appointment with your doctor, yet?

lacat87 2011-10-29 11:54:34 -0500 Report

Yes you do and soon. That number is very dangerous. We cannot stress enough on how you need to get help and soon. I'm worried about you and the damage that maybe be happening. You look so young in your picture.

byrun 2011-10-25 16:52:56 -0500 Report

I hope you find one fairly soon. You will need to start reading all food labels especially concentrating on "total carbs" and serving sizes. 15 grams of carbs equals 1 carb serving. Breakfast should be 3-4 carbs (45-60 carb grams) am snack- 1-2 carb servings (15-30 grams) lunch 3-4 carb servings (45-60 grams) pm snack 1-2 carb servings (15-30 grams) supper/dinner 3-4 carb servings …etc… I find that nuts work well for me for snacks. A few times/per week a big salad with protein, fresh veggies, seeds, cheese, a little dressing is an evening or mid-day meal. So work more fresh or frozen veggies into you meals, a serving of meat is about 3oz or the size of a deck of cards. Fresh meats and veggies don't have much for carbohyrates so you won't have to cut that from your diet, just the size of the serving/meal. Hope this is helpful.

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